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Jordan Finally Got Real With Becca On 'The Bachelorette'

The explosive two-on-one date we've all been waiting for finally went down in a very familiar-feeling four-poster-bed-in-the-desert setup, but one moment in particular took Bachelor Nation by surprise. Jordan finally opened up about his past on The Bachelorette and he actually got into some really deep stuff. But first, some very predictable backstory.

Obviously, the two-on-one date is the season's face-off between two rivaling contestants and this group's biggest feud has been between Jordan the model and David the chicken. Most of the house seems pretty fed up with Jordan's continued residence in the Bachelor mansion, but David decided to take it upon himself to reveal his concerns to Becca during the two-on-one. He told Becca that Jordan had been talking about other hot women in the hotel and that Jordan said he could see himself "settling" for Becca. She actually didn't seem too threatened by the prospect of other women, but Becca was extremely "triggered," as she put it, by the idea of someone saying they were settling for her. Apparently, she felt sensitive to it because Lauren had said that Arie only chose Becca because she was the easier choice. And as we've learned this season, basically any association with Arie is bad news in Becca's book.

When Becca relayed this information to Jordan, he naturally defended himself. She pointed out, however, that even though they had fun together and he made her laugh, Becca hadn't really had any deep interactions with him. That's when Jordan pulled out the big guns.

Said Jordan:

There's a lot more to me, and that's why I was excited for this, because I want to give you that depth. I want to dive deeper. I really like you, I told you that last time that I saw you. I'll tell you right up front, I'm a very loyal loyal partner, and there's reasons behind that, okay? The reason I'm able to love so unconditionally and be such a loyal partner is because I've watched my dad for 27 years now love my mom. And my mom has multiple mental illnesses, okay? And as a little kid, it was always the best times that were the worst times. You know, the times that were supposed to mean a lot that got crushed.

Becca didn't exactly have an opportunity to respond to the bombshell that Jordan's mother suffered from mental illness, because he kept barreling on in one long monologue. Continued Jordan:

So I can deal with anything in life. I come from nothing, there was times where I didn't even have electricity, okay? You know, I've been through a lot, I really have. I fought tooth and nail for everything, and I will fight for you. I will continue to be bold, and I will continue to be myself. I have unapologetically been myself and those guys, they just don't like it. I'm not someone who's a bullshit artist, I'm not someone trying to sell you something. I've totally opened up, I've totally been vulnerable today, and if David wants to lie, we can go address that, that's fine with me.

The admission clearly made an impact on Becca, because as she was deciding who to cut from the two-on-one, she remarked that, while both the guys had spent their valuable time with Becca reporting on house drama, only one of them actually opened up and made a deeper connection. Shocking Bachelor Nation, Becca sent David home, going to the intimate dinner alone with Jordan.

Unfortunately, he just couldn't keep up his winning streak. He spent most of the dinner talking about himself, modeling, skincare, and the gym, and poor Becca seemed bored to death. Eventually, she cut him, too, but told Jordan to keep on being his positive self. Bachelor Nation has never been Jordan's biggest fan, but he definitely humanized himself a lot by talking about his past, so his edit on the show wasn't all bad.