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Jordin Sparks' Son Is The Star Of This 'Heart Of The Batter' Clip

I've always loved the holidays, but now that I'm a parent, Christmas has been made infinitely better because I have a kid to share all of the traditions with. Jordin Sparks, who recently became a mom herself, shared some of her own family traditions on Wednesday's episode of her web series, Heart of the Batter. And in this Heart of the Batter clip Jordin Sparks' son is seriously adorable — he's easily the best part about the video.

While Sparks is explaining her family's traditions from when she was a kid, her son, DJ, proceeds to gnaw on his board books and make the kinds of nonsensical screams and coos that almost make me want to have another baby. She explains that now that she, husband Dana Isaiah, and their son are a little family unit, coming up with and sticking to traditions during the holidays are more important than ever. And I totally agree. Christmas is so much more fun now that my husband and I have a Santa believer in the house who looks forward to his Elf on the Shelf's antics every morning.

I can't remember my son ever being so well-behaved for such a long period of time as Sparks' son, though. They must have filmed the video after his nap, bottle, and diaper change, because he seems like the happiest baby ever.

One of the family traditions Sparks says that she wants to continue with every year is matching family pajamas. Because I am also *that* mom, I have to admit that my family and I currently have the same mama, papa, and baby bear pajamas as Sparks and her family are wearing in the clip. Of course my son's pajamas say "lil" bear because if you call him a baby, heads will roll. But still. I get it and I have a feeling that Sparks' son will have no problem going along with yearly traditions if he's always this well-behaved and adorable.

Another tradition that Sparks and her husband mention is getting a family Christmas tree ornament every year. As they try to explain the significance of it, DJ is making his baby cooing noises and not caring about a damn thing, which is more typical baby behavior. He's basically the star — even if he wasn't necessarily meant to be.

Sparks' son's baby talk is the highlight of the video, but her family traditions are still fun to hear about! At one point, Sparks is writing a letter to Santa and talking about leaving out milk and cookies and DJ gets especially excited about absolutely nothing. Awwww.

Besides being adorable, Sparks' baby is a good sport for sitting still, for the most part. It all pays off for him in the end since he gets a gift to symbolize the family tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve. In this case it's a football which he promptly shoves in his mouth the best he can. I don't necessarily miss slobber covered clothes, TV remote controls, and toys, but Sparks' son is giving me some baby fever in this clip.

Her son is just seven months old, but if the Heart of the Batter clip tells you anything, it's that it's never too early to start coming up with holiday family traditions of your own. DJ might not fully understand Christmas or the importance of leaving out food for a strange bearded before he goes to bed, but it's all in good fun.

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