Josiah & Lauren Duggar's Baby Girl's Name Is Beautiful — Literally

Josiah and Lauren Duggar have officially welcomed their baby girl. The stars of the TLC reality show Counting On, who suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last year, announced the exciting news of their daughter's arrival on Monday, Nov. 11. And Josiah and Lauren Duggar's baby girl's name is really just so special and meaningful.

Lauren gave birth to their daughter, Bella Milagro, early in the evening on Friday, the couple shared with Us Weekly. "After a long and difficult labor, our girl arrived," the couple told the magazine in a statement. "When we finally got to see and hold our precious Bella Milagro all the pain went away. We can't believe she is ours — she is so perfect!"

Bella Milagro is such a gorgeous name that also holds a strong significance for the couple. Bella means "beautiful" in Spanish and Milagro is also Spanish for "miracle". When you put these two words together, you get Beautiful Miracle. This name in particular holds a lot of significance to Lauren, who shares the same middle name as her little girl and revealed in an Instagram post in September that she is a quarter Hispanic (but not fluent in Spanish). The name really is an absolutely perfect fit for their little miracle.

The couple went through a lot before meeting their little miracle. In February, the couple opened up to TLC about suffering a miscarriage just a few months after their wedding in June 2018. "A couple of months ago we found out that we were expecting but suddenly thereafter we found out we lost our baby," Lauren said. "It really was a hard time for our family, just going through this, after we got married, and all of the dreams of just getting to see our little one and hold it in our hands were dashed before our eyes," Josiah added. The couple explained in an Instagram post that they were going to keep this a secret, but knew that they could help others by sharing their story.

After going through such a difficult time, happiness was on the horizon for them. In May, the couple announced that they were expecting again in a sweet Instagram post that hinted to what they would name their daughter. "It's hard to fully express just how grateful we are for God blessing us again with another precious gift!" the couple wrote in the caption of the post. "#MiraclesDoHappen".

In another Instagram post in August, Lauren wrote how grateful she was to be pregnant. "This pregnancy hasn't been easy," she wrote. "I treasure every moment and I am reminded daily that life is truly a miracle from God." Throughout the past nine months, the couple has made sure to let everyone know that they did not take her pregnancy for granted. Their daughter has been and always will be their miracle baby.

As Lauren wrote in an Instagram post, miracles do happen. And baby Bella Milagro just so happens to be their own beautiful miracle with a perfectly precious and meaningful name. Congratulations to the very happy couple!