Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Updates Show She's Loving Life As A Mom To Baby Gideon

It's shaping up to be a very big year for the Duggar family: both Jinger and her newlywed brother, Joseph, are set to become first-time parents in the coming months, and with Josiah recently announcing his engagement, it's possible that there could be at least one more Duggar family pregnancy announcement by the end of the year. But on Feb. 23, Jim Bob and Michelle's newest grandchild made his way into the world, and Joy-Anna Duggar baby updates show that the 20-year-old mom seems to have already settled in to her new role as a wife and mother.

Three days after giving birth, Joy and her husband, Austin Forsyth, announced the arrival of their son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth, and although the infant isn't yet two weeks old, the new parents already seem like old pros. After sharing some adorable photos of their son with their Instagram followers, Joy and Austin also introduced Gideon to the world in a video posted to TLC's YouTube channel Tuesday, and in it, they spoke a little bit about what it was like to have a newborn. Joy, for one, shared that she thought it was especially exciting for her handyman husband to have baby boy, as it meant he could one day "take [him] to work ... and to just teach him all the skills that Austin knows," while she, on the other hand, was just excited to be a mom in general. She said,

I think being first-time parents is really indescribable. I think everybody who has a baby goes through this feeling of just being so proud and so thankful to have a little one and ... it's amazing.

Although it's clear that Joy and Austin are thrilled to be new parents, they also seem super relaxed for two people who were literally just newly engaged this time last year. Though the young couple had actually known each other for years prior to entering into a courtship in November 2017, their actual romantic relationship was quite the whirlwind: according to People, Joy and Austin's engagement came only a few months after they began dating, and less than three months later, in May 2017, they tied the knot in front of 1,000 guests at their Arkansas church.

In August, the couple announced on Instagram that they were expecting their first child together, and while it isn't particularly unusual for the Duggars to move right into having children after marriage (all the married Duggar siblings except for Jinger announced their first pregnancies within five months of getting hitched), Joy and Austin's quick announcement did raise a few eyebrows.

For one, Joy and Austin were initially set to get married on Oct. 28, according to In Touch Weekly, but they ended up moving the date up to May. They could have just been eager to be husband and wife (let's not forget that the Duggars traditionally save their first kisses for marriage), but some fans wondered if maybe they hadn't been so strict about their courtship rules after all. There were those who argued, for example, that Joy's baby bump looked "too big" to be as far along as she said she was (um, let's not ever comment on the size of a woman's pregnant body, OK?), while others theorized that she'd actually given birth and was keeping it a secret, while others insisted the due date math just didn't add up.

Of course, it's entirely likely that they just ended up getting pregnant right after their wedding, and in any case, Gideon's conception ultimately isn't anyone's business anyway. What really matters is that both Joy and Austin seem thrilled by their son's arrival, and that their transition from super-in-love newlyweds to excited new parents seems to be going really smoothly. Though, come to think of it, growing up in a home with 18 siblings probably makes having one little newborn seem like a piece of cake.

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