Joy-Anna Duggar’s New Bump Photo Has Sparked A ~Heated~ Debate Among Fans

Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar announced her first pregnancy in August, fans have speculated about the timing of the baby's conception. In fact, people are *still* questioning Duggar's pregnancy timeline despite that she's just weeks (or even days) away from giving birth. As for what has some fans up in arms, look no further than Joy-Anna Duggar's new bump photo. Apparently, a few Counting On viewers think Duggar is posting old pics of her bump because she wants to conceal that she already gave birth and engaged in premartial sex with her husband, Austin Forsyth.

If you've been following this story from the jump, then you're probably not surprised to learn that people are still buzzing about Duggar's conception date. A few of you might even be bored with all the fan speculation because it has been five months since this whole brouhaha started. But, I think this new theory about Duggar's pregnancy is worth mentioning because it's just *so* out there.

The new (and wild) conspiracy theory kicked off after Duggar took to Instagram Friday night to share a seemingly innocent photo of herself hanging out with Forsyth and her two brothers, Jason and Jeremiah. "Hanging with the bros," Duggar captioned the snap, according to Instagram.

As you can see in the photo, Duggar is very much still pregnant. Nothing too suspect about that, right? Well, according to a few internet sleuths, the aforementioned pic is old.

"It’s an old photo because she’s probably had her baby but not announcing it until next month," a fan commented on the photo. Another person chimed in: "This is an old photo. I saw it last month."

And one fan who just wants Duggar to fess up to conceiving before her wedding night wrote: "Looks like it's from last year unless her bump wont grow past 6 mod. So..... Not that it matters about premarital but just stop fronting, nobody likes liars and hypocrites, we will forgive you, promise."

Others, however, defended the controversial pic in the post's comments section.

"If she got pregnant on her wedding night, she would be about 38 weeks pregnant right now, and her belly looks like she could be anywhere from 30 weeks to full term, so it looks like all the idiots saying she got pregnant before the wedding know how stupid they look," someone said. Another person added: "People, haven't you even thought that she might actually get big fast? With my first I showed very early on, like 6 weeks!! I had a pretty big bump, at 9 weeks, I looked like I was 4 or 5 months pregnant. With my second child, it was the same. People grow at different stages. I can honestly relate to joy-anna."

And a particularly to the point person added: "Every pregnancy is different."

As for my take on the photo, I don't think Duggar is hiding anything about her pregnancy, because similarly to what one of the commenters stated above, no pregnancy is the same. Even if Duggar did concoct some scheme to cover up premarital sex with Forsyth, I don't really care. Duggar, like any pregnant person, has the right to handle her pregnancy however she wants to. It's really no one's business as to what pics Duggar posts and what's going on with her baby.

In the past, I have seen comments that Duggar doesn't deserve the kindness and respect given some of her controversial views and beliefs. Although I *strongly* disagree with just about everything the Duggar family puts forth belief wise (Derick Dillard's Twitter feed straight up enrages me, for instance), I still don't think it's OK for fans to question a person's pregnancy. People should be able to enjoy their pregnancy in peace, even if you don't agree with them on a personal level.

Unfortunately, I don't think the conspiracy theories will come to a halt once Duggar finally announces the birth of her child. The good news is Duggar probably doesn't care about what the naysayers think.