Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals How Her Birth Plan With Baby #2 Is Different From Gideon

by Casey Suglia

As her due date inches closer, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar has revealed her birth plan with her second child. Earlier this week, the TLC reality star shared a 12-minute video on YouTube documenting her packing her hospital bag with essentials and getting ready for her daughter's arrival next month.

Duggar, who shares her 2-year-old son Gideon with her husband Austin Forsyth, revealed in the video shared on her YouTube page, FollowtheForsyths, that she's planning from the get-go to give birth in a hospital and packed her hospital bag a month in advance just in case of an emergency.

When Duggar and her husband welcomed their first child in February 2018, they planned on having a home birth. But after Duggar labored for 20 hours at home, her midwife determined the baby was in breech position, and Duggar was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency C-section, according to People.

"I don't really know what to pack," she explained in the video. "I've never packed a hospital bag before. With Gideon I was doing a home birth, so I didn't have to pack anything."

With this pregnancy, Duggar shared that she is preparing differently this time around by using a list that she found on Pinterest to help plan for her trip to the hospital.

For her baby, Duggar packed a wrap and matching headband for the little girl's first photo, in addition to a going home outfit, diapers, wipes. She made sure to pack newborn sized clothes and clothes that were sized 0-3 months, giving her plenty of options just in case. After all, she shared that Gideon was 10 pounds when he was born and completely skipped over the newborn clothing stage.

When it came to packing for herself, Duggar grabbed the essentials: nursing bras, nursing pads, a breast pump, socks, a belly band, and comfortable pajamas that are easy to nurse in. And for her husband, she grabbed a few items like dark shirts, socks, and underwear.

While she's packed and ready to go, Duggar also expressed her frustrations about giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic. "I'm torn because with all of this COVID stuff — which I totally understand why — but it's just hard because my mom isn't going to be able to be there, and my sisters aren't going to be able to be at my birth," she said in the video. "It's just going to be Austin and I."

"But hopefully we can get a room that has a window and they can come see her through the window," she added. "That would be really special if they could at least see her the day she was born because my parents have always been there for me and Austin's parents. So we will see how that works out... I cannot believe I am having a baby," she said. "I'm so excited, packing this bag makes it so real."

Fans can follow along with Duggar's journey through motherhood on this current season of Counting On, which airs on TLC on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.