This JuJube Harry Potter Diaper Bag Is Basically Its Own Patronus

When I was trying to figure out what diaper bag I wanted for my first baby, I felt super overwhelmed — even though they all kinda looked the same with similar prints and options. Near the end of my search, I wished I could flick my wand and say, “Accio perfect diaper bag,” because at that point, I was done. If only this JuJube Harry Potter diaper bag collection was around during my search, because y’all, this diaper bag collection is so magical and definitely out of the ordinary from normal diaper bag options. And the beautiful 20-piece collection just came out today.

Muggles, wizards, and witches alike love the JuJube brand for their premium diaper bags, backpacks, and accessories, but who knew they’d have the ultimate diaper bags with this Harry Potter print? Plus, JuJube pieces are machine washable and have a ton of storage space for anything and everything you may need — including a wand, invisibility cloak, a Marauder's Map, Bernie Bott Flavored Beans, chocolate frogs, and oh, yeah, diapers and baby accessories.

This exclusive collection’s theme is “Harry Potter Flying Keys,” and its print is “designed with a subtle elegance that will appeal to the most discerning fans of both Harry Potter and JuJuBe.” What does that mean exactly? Well for one, if you don’t look closely, it doesn’t scream Harry Potter, and it's beautifully understated. “The exterior of each piece features a combination of gold and silver flying keys on a navy blue background, with Golden Snitches peppered throughout. When opened, the interior of each [B.F.F. Diaper bag] reveals an assemblage of wands accentuating magical spells,” as per the press release. Plus, who can forget the signature lightning bolt and glasses icon?

And not only are the prints on this collection magical, but the design and utility elements are magical, too. The pieces weigh less than 3 pounds, can “shapeshift” like a Bogart from a diaper bag, to a tote, to even a backpack, and there are nine “purposefully designed pockets” for your phone, sunglasses, bottles, diapers, etc. There are even two insulated pockets. Do you have a mini wizard-in-training that may want to get in on the Harry Potter accessory fun, too? There is a three-set bag for kids, too. The kids version includes a “BRB” backpack, a “Mini Helix contemporary messenger bag” and a mini version of the above three-way diaper bag.

The prices for this magical collection will range from $15 to $195, and you know when you purchase one of JuJube's products that you'll be getting beautiful bags and accessories that will last a lifetime. Because obviously, Harry Potter will never ever go out of style. So head over to the JuJube website to snag your favorites today if you haven’t perfected your “Accio” spell yet. You're going to need the perfect bag to raise your little wizard. (Bonus points if you can shove a sorting hat in there and get them into their house before their 11th birthday.)