Justice League Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family, Because The World Needs You

In a world desperately in need of hope, we can look to superheroes for inspiration. This has been a huge year for superhero films, with the releases of Wonder Woman and Spiderman: Homecoming, but undoubtedly, the biggest superhero movie of the year will be Justice League, set to release on Nov. 17 of this year. You know what that means — this Halloween, you need to find Justice League Halloween costumes for the whole family so you can all save everyone from terrible candy while trick-or-treating.

Justice League combines some of DC Comics' finest forces — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. They all have their own unique strengths and powers, which they bring together to save the world. So if your family is ready to unite their forces this Halloween, you can create your own super team inspired by the Justice League. (I mean, you're already Wonder Woman and your kids are basically The Flash with their lightning speed and constant energy, right?)

From adults to children, Justice League costumes are available through retailers nationwide, but if you want to add a little something from your closet, you can still make it look super incredible. These Justice League costumes for the whole family will get you on your way to hope and justice, and hopefully tons of candy and compliments, too.

Wonder Woman

Undoubtedly, Wonder Woman is the fiercest of the superhero lot. There is finally a female mainstream hero who is a strong and unapologetic, which makes her a great inspiration for girls everywhere. With the May release of Wonder Woman, there’s been a huge resurgence of merchandise and costumes, which is great news for fans. This Halloween, you can gather your treats by trick or by lasso with the beauty of Aphrodite and the strength of Zeus behind you.

If your family is ready to channel their inner Wonder Woman, you can get a women's Wonder Woman costume ($58, Buy Costumes) or a Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume ($12 to $30, Amazon) with a pair of jeans ($20, Amazon). For little girls, you can grab a girl’s Wonder Woman costume ($25, Party City) or a baby Wonder Woman costume ($16 to $24, Amazon).

To do it yourself, you can combine a Wonder Woman t-shirt ($10, Amazon) with women’s blue tutu ($12, Amazon) for adults, and for girls you can get a girl’s Wonder Woman shirt ($14, Amazon) and girl’s blue tutu ($7, Amazon). Just add a Wonder Woman headpiece and cuff set ($13, Etsy), a shield ($19, Amazon), sword ($30, Amazon), and light-up golden lasso ($14, Amazon) to finish it off.

The Flash

If your family is ready to tap into the speed force this Halloween, look no further than The Flash. He’s the fastest man alive who fights crime in super speed, all with a smile on his face.

If you want to be the speedster that trick-or-treats at mach 3, you can get a Flash costume for adults ($50, Party City), a Flash women’s costume ($24, Amazon), a Flash boy’s costume ($30, Party City), a Flash girl's costume ($24 to $30, Amazon), or an adorable Flash baby costume ($13, Amazon).

For a DIY version, you can grab an adult Flash shirt ($10, Amazon) or a kid’s Flash Shirt ($8, Kohl’s), and for the gals, you can pair them with a women’s yellow tutu ($7, Amazon) and women’s red leggings ($7, Walmart) or a girl’s yellow tutu ($7, Amazon) and girl’s red leggings ($7, Kohl’s). For baby, you can get this Flash baby onesie ($12 to $20, Amazon) and red baby hat ($3, Amazon).

To finish off the costume, grab this cute Flash mask and cape ($13, Amazon).


To strike fear in the hearts of evil villains everywhere, you need only one name — Batman. The Dark Knight may be brooding, but he packs a mean punch, and with the help of Alfred, his gear is always top notch and ready for action. While you may not have Alfred to help you with your outfits, there are a few Batman costume options you can boomerang yourself. So get ready — the bat signal is lit.

For a family of caped crusaders, you can get a Batman adult costume ($50, Party City), a women’s Batgirl costume ($15 to $20, Party City), kid’s Batgirl costume ($27, Target), boy’s Batman costume ($20, Oriental Trading), or a baby batman coverall costume ($18, Amazon).

For a DIY setup, you can combine a Batman men's shirt ($13, Target) or a kid’s Batman logo shirt ($10, Amazon) with black pants, and for the girls you can combine a women’s Batman ($20, Amazon) with a women’s black tutu ($12, Amazon) or a girl’s Batman shirt ($24, Amazon), girl’s black tutu ($7, Amazon), and even pair it with Batman leggings ($10, Amazon) if you like. For a baby, you can grab a Batman onesie ($23, Amazon) and add a black fabric cape. You may even want to add this cute Batman cape and mask set ($8, Amazon).


How cool would it be to have all the emotions of a human, but with the power, strength, and technological capabilities of a robot? Well, look no further than Victor Stone, known as the superhero Cyborg. His rocket boosters help him fly, and the lasers in his eyes can take down any enemy, even one that’s trying to steal his candy.

To be half man, half robot, you can get an Adult Cyborg costume ($60, Halloween Costumes) or a kid’s Cyborg costume ($23, Costume Super Center). To do it yourself, you can combine an adult Cyborg shirt ($15 to $24, Amazon) with men’s gray pants ($42, New Chic), a women’s Cyborg shirt ($15 to $26, Amazon) with women’s yoga pants ($9 to $11, Amazon), a kid’s cyborg shirt ($17 to $25, Amazon) with kids' exercise pants ($8 to $20, Amazon), or a gray baby onesie ($10 to $13, Amazon) with a gray and red baby hat ($12, Amazon). Don’t forget to add your tech with a Cyborg mask ($7, Amazon) and a Cyborg belt and blast pack ($20, Amazon).


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and this Halloween, it could be your super family. Superman is one of those iconic heroes that signifies humility and kindness, but with tons of strength and power. Not to mention he can fly, shoot lasers out of his X-ray eyes, and stop a speeding bullet in no time.

To channel the Man (or Woman) of Steel this Halloween, you can get a Superman adult costume ($34, Target), Supergirl adult costume ($29, Target), Supergirl kid’s costume ($40, Halloween Costumes), Superman kid’s costume ($20, Amazon),or a Superman baby costume ($18, Amazon).

If you’re looking to get creative, you can get a Superman adult shirt ($10 to $23, Amazon) or a Superman kids' shirt ($15, Amazon) and pair them with blue jeans. For the gals, you can pair them with a red tutu for women ($10, Amazon) and women’s red leggings ($8 to $24, Amazon), or a red tutu for girls ($6, Amazon) with girl’s red leggings ($7 to $10, Amazon). For a baby, you can get a blue onesie ($17, Amazon) and add a red fabric cape, or get this Superman cape ($11, Amazon).


There are plenty of heroes on land, but only one hero at sea, and that’s Aquaman. Whether he’s running on a wave of water, or swimming at super speeds, Aquaman is ready to battle evil with his trident in hand.

To harness the power of the sea (sea of candy, that is), you can get an Adult Aquaman costume ($55, Halloween Costumes), Adult Mera Costume ($40, Jeff’s Warehouse), or a Child’s Aquaman Costume ($32, Amazon).

For your own, easy version, you can get a men's green shirt ($10, Old Navy) with men’s green pants ($28, Old Navy), a women’s green shirt ($7, Old Navy) with women’s green pants ($29, Old Navy), boy’s green shirt ($10, Amazon) with boy’s green pants ($20, Amazon), girl’s green shirt ($11, Forever 21) with girl’s green pants ($7, Amazon), or a green sleeper ($15 to $30, Amazon) for the baby. To complete the look, you can get Aquaman’s trident ($21, Amazon), gold wrist cuffs ($3, Amazon), and a gold belt ($8, Amazon).

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