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Justin Baldoni's Best Parenting Instagrams Capture The Beauty & Love Of Having A Baby


Justin Baldoni plays a devoted dad of three on Jane The Virgin, but it's quite obvious that he's just as devoted to his daughter in real-life - and probably even more. His posts on social media always contain such beautiful and important messages about parenthood, and they're amazing to read. Here are some of Justin Baldoni's best parenting Instagram posts.

Earlier this month, Baldoni posted a picture of he and his daughter to lament the lack of changing tables in the men's restroom at Los Angeles International Airport. He captioned the photo:

That's really important, because while this should be obvious, men are parents too. Changing diapers isn't just 'mom's duty,' and Baldoni has even told People that he enjoys changing diapers because he "gets to connect with Maiya." And unfortunately, not having changing tables in men's restrooms forces men to find somewhere else to change their child's diaper that may be unsanitary (such as on the floor).

Baldoni always beautifully captures why he loves being a parent and how he instantly fell in love with his daughter. This caption under a picture of he, his wife Emily, and their teeny daughter captures how blessed so many parents feel in quiet moments with their child:

Baldoni has said that he wants to create a better world for his daughter, and for all women. He reaffirmed his hopes for his daughter in this beautiful post:

But beyond grand visions, Baldoni also knows how important it is to just celebrate life and have fun. "Add this to the thousands of little lessons I hope to teach you in my lifetime," Baldoni writes as the caption of a cute video of he and Maiya. "Sometimes we just need to stop everything we are doing… and dance like no one's watching."

My absolute favorite of Baldoni's parenting Instagram posts was shared earlier this year. It's a simple picture of Baldoni and Maiya flashing big smiles to the camera, but it's the caption below that stands out to me.

"This is what love does and continues to do. It tastes like honey to adults and milk to children."

The caption is a quote from Jalaluddin Rumi, and it beautifully captures how pure and sweet the love between parent and child is. And it's a feeling that Baldoni always manages to evoke in his posts of his family: pure love. Keep gramming Justin, and keep reminding parents everywhere of the beauty in family, love, and life.