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Kaitlyn Herman's Instagram Before 'Big Brother' Reveals Who She Is Outside The House

by Zakiya Jamal

Kaitlyn has certainly become a houseguest to watch on Big Brother in the past week. First, she got upset because her ride or die Faysal was getting close to Haleigh. Then, Kaitlyn flipped the vote, sending Steve home, and shocking her alliance. Finally, Kaitlyn is now head-of-household and she's made it clear that she plans on backdooring Swaggy C, a member of her own alliance. All her recent moves have people wondering what she's like outside of the Big Brother house. A good way to find out is by looking at Kaitlyn's Instagram before Big Brother.

Since entering the house, Kaitlyn has made it clear that she's all about auras and her intuition. That said, it seems Kaitlyn's game changed not because of her intuition but because she was upset that Faysal was becoming close with Haleigh. Kaitlyn appeared to be jealous over Faysal and Haleigh's friendship, something both Swaggy C and Bayleigh commented on, which upset Kaitlyn more. This seems to be the main reason why Kaitlyn is now targeting Swaggy C, and why Bayleigh should be worried about her own safety in the house.

Though Kaitlyn's Instagram probably won't give us too much insight into what's going on in her head now in the house, perhaps it'll help fans understand her a bit more. Check out these posts from her Instagram before Big Brother below.

She Has A Boyfriend

One thing many viewers have been confused by is Kaitlyn's interest in Faysal since she has a boyfriend back home. Kaitlyn claimed she wasn't jealous, just concerned she was losing her partner in the game, but viewers weren't buying it.

She Has a Dog

Like many of us, Kaitlyn is a dog lover. Here's a pic of her cute doggie.

She Enjoys Hiking

Kaitlyn enjoys going hiking, where she can connect with nature and herself.

She Loves Her Sage

In her cast bio, Kaitlyn revealed she would sometimes sage her friends and family without warning if she sensed bad energy around them. This pic seems to confirm that Kaitlyn often has sage at the ready.

She's A Life Coach

Kaitlyn's job when she's not in the Big Brother house is being a life coach. If you'd like to find out how to schedule an appointment with Kaitlyn once she's out of the house you can check out her website.

She Believes In Her Intuition

As Kaitlyn has stated over and over in the house, she always goes with her gut, no matter what.

Based on her Instagram, it's obvious that Kaitlyn truly relies on her intuition and the energy she feels around people when making game moves. Unfortunately for Swaggy C, it looks like Kaitlyn's intuition is saying she should send him home. Viewers will have to wait and see if Kaitlyn's intuition is leading her in the right direction or if she's ruining her own game.