Kanye West's Sweet Video Of North Singing "No Mistakes" Proves She's A Star In The Making

by Casey Suglia

People can't stop talking about Kanye West's new album, Ye, including his family members. His wife, Kim Kardashian, for example, has tweeted nothing but supportive messages about her husband's new music, and her siblings have followed suit. And now, West can add his children to the list of his biggest fans, like his oldest child, North West. Need proof? Look no further and watch Kanye West's new video of North singing "No Mistakes," a new song from his new album. Her adorable rendition of the song will not only delight you, but will convince you that musical talent definitely runs in the family.

West's new album has drawn in a lot of reactions; it's raw, honest, complicated, and somewhat controversial. In the album, West opens up about his struggles with bipolar disorder, according to the Washington Post, and the fact that he tends to be a little too honest about a lot of topics, even if it gets him in trouble. While the reviews of the album have been mixed, there is one person in West's life who seems to love the new album — or, at the very least, one song from it.

In a new tweet, West recorded and showed off North singing the chorus to the song, "No Mistakes," (which is sung by Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi, according to Genius) with lyrics that really pack an emotional message — "make no mistake girl, I love you." In the video, North sings those lines with confidence while looking directly into the camera holding a box of Yoohoo and wearing a night gown (aka #Goals).

You can see just how much North loves singing for her dad. And from West's simple caption of three heart eyes emoji, you can tell he's one proud papa.

People seem to love North's rendition of "No Mistakes." The video has over 1 million views on Twitter. Some viewers can't get over just how adorable North sounds and how proud West must feel as a parent.

Seriously, there is nothing cuter than North West.

"No Mistakes" has a very important meaning, according to Genius. The song is a reflection on West's "financial and mental health issues," which are both very personal subjects for the rapper. While this song might not address his children, there are other songs on Ye that do address his two daughters, North and baby Chicago. In the song, "Violent Crimes," West addresses how men degrade women, until they become fathers, rapping:

Father forgive me, I'm scared of the karma/'Cause now I see women as somethin' to nurture/Not somethin' to conquer

While West is clearly a huge fan of North's singing, it appears the love is mutual. During an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians last year, North proudly proclaimed that her favorite rapper is her dad. "Kanye West is my dad!" North said when asked about her favorite rapper, according to Refinery29.

North takes after her dad in more ways than you might expect. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kardashian told Degeneres that North might be a handful when she gets older, according to People. Kardashian said:

She's really really smart, actually. She knows how to outsmart us — or she thinks she does. But she is Kanye's twin. Same personality, says the same wild things. Those two...

If North really is that similar to her dad, then she could very well follow in his footsteps and make music of her own one day, when she gets to be a little bit older. But it's important to remember that North is only turning 5 in a few weeks and she's got a lot of time to figure out what she wants to do in the future.

But in the meantime, until she starts producing songs just as well as her dad, this video will certainly suffice.