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Kate Hudson Breastfed Baby Rani Mid-Workout & The Photos Are So Badass

In my short eight months of motherhood, I've managed to breastfeed my daughter in some pretty awesome places. She snacked while we saw Ireland by horse-and-buggy, chowed down on top of an ancient Roman city gate, and nursed beneath the Eiffel Tower. Breastfeeding is surprisingly mobile, you guys. And Kate Hudson breastfeeding while working out is proof that babies don't mind a mom who multitasks, and they're not particularly interested in what is going on around them. Once your baby has mastered the art of the latch, there's really no need to stop what you're doing for a feed.

Hudson welcomed her baby girl, Rani Rose, back in October, according to TODAY, and the mom-of-three has been busy updating her followers on life with her latest little. But along with big love for her sweet family, Hudson is also passionate about fitness.

As co-founder of the activewear brand Fabletics and current Weight Watchers brand ambassador, feeling the burn is never far from her mind — or her heart. In the ultimate fit-mom multitask, Hudson was photographed by friend and workout buddy Erin Foster getting in a quick nursing session during her workout.

Erin Foster/ Instagram

Foster posted a series of photos and video clips of Hudson to her Instagram Story on Monday. And while some of them showed Hudson sitting down to feed Rani, she also breastfed while keeping up with her workout routine. A short clip shows Hudson nursing Rani while doing leg lifts, squats, and static lunges. Foster appropriately added to the video, “Motherhood doesn’t slow us down," and the song "Money" by Cardi B.

Before resuming my own gym routine after the required six-week postpartum exercise hiatus, I was bombarded with conflicting advice and old wive's tales surrounding breastfeeding and working out. Many of my friends and family members were concerned that exercise would cause a dip in my milk supply or make the taste of my breast milk unpalatable to my hungry babe. But fortunately, breastfeeding doesn't actually affect milk supply, according to Lori Isenstadt, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, who previously spoke with Romper.

Erin Foster/ Instagram

“Regular exercise in moderation ... is excellent for you," Isenstadt previously told Romper. "It will not affect your milk supply." However, there is a chance that increased levels of lactic acid following a vigorous workout will change the taste of your milk, according to Aaptiv, but if that is a concern for you, you can simply feed prior to working out and give your body some time to process the lactic acid before nursing again.

Infant growth is another common concern surrounding breastfeeding and nursing, but you're all set there, too. The American Academy of Pediatrics reported in 2012 that exclusively breastfed babies whose moms regularly exercise grow at about the same rate as moms with a more sedentary lifestyle — meaning that working out does not reduce the nutritional value of your milk.

Erin Foster/ Instagram

The photos and video clips of Hudson come after she made headlines for describing her approach to parenting her kids as "genderless." She clarified the description in a note on Instagram, describing the "click bait tactic" of using "genderless" as a blanket description for her parenting decisions as "silly," adding that it "frankly doesn’t even make sense.” Instead, she is letting her daughter grow up as an individual, whatever that means to her:

Me saying a "genderless approach" was a way of refocusing the conversation in a direction that could exist outside of the female stereotype. It just felt a little antiquated to me. Not all girls want to be a princess, some want to be king. And that’s fine by me ... I just try to raise my kids to be good people with the best tools to face this big crazy world. And if they grow up and identify with something different than what others want them to identify as... mama's cool with it!

From choosing to avoid stereotypes to nursing during a booty-blasting workout, Hudson is carving out her own path of motherhood. And I think that is something worth aspiring to.