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Kate Hudson Just Shared The Cutest Photo Of Her Blended Family

Kate Hudson is living her best life and she knows it and good news, she's totally okay with you knowing it too. The Fabletics entrepreneur and actress is at a pretty golden point in her life when everything seems to be coming together for her and you know what? She absolutely deserves to take some time to just revel in bringing together all of the people in her life who bring her joy. Those people, of course, being the family she has built. Kate Hudson's picture of her blended family is a rare one; she doesn't often share pictures of all three of her children and her boyfriend. But boy oh boy do they ever look happy.

The Almost Famous actress is mom to three kids; 15-year-old son Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, 7-year-old son Bingham with ex-partner Matt Bellamy, and 8-month-old daughter Rani with boyfriend, musician Danny Fujikawa. As anyone who has ever been in a situation where you have children from previous relationships know, this kind of thing is absolutely fraught for difficulties. A bunch of different personalities and different expectations, a hotbed of potential confrontations over miscommunications and hurt feelings just waiting to happen.

Fortunately for Hudson, it doesn't look like that's a big problem judging from her crowded family selfie with the whole crew.

Hudson captioned the photo "My loves of my life," and the entire family looks as though they feel the same way.

It certainly makes sense that Kate Hudson would be a bit of a rock star when it comes to navigating the potential difficulties of a blended family. After all, she was raised by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, one of the most famous blended families out there. Hudson and her older brother Oliver are Goldie Hawn's children with actor William Hudson, but she was raised by her mom and Russell after the couple got together in 1983. They went on to welcome their son Wyatt Russell in 1986 and voila, Kate Hudson's first experience with a happy blended family.

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There are a few reasons why Hudson's blended family transition seems to have gone so smoothly other than the fact that it's simply in her history. As she told AOL when Rani was just three months old, she focuses on raising all of her children the same, regardless of situation or gender:

[Having a daughter] doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference. I think you just raise your kids individually regardless — like a genderless approach. We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as. I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds and her way.

There's also the fact that she was friends with her boyfriend for quite some time before they started dating. She has always been close friends with his stepsisters as well, as per Us Weekly, so it stands to reason that they each knew the other pretty well before taking the plunge.

Whatever the reason for this blended family finding happiness, let's just say it's lovely to see.