Luke & Kate From 'MAFS' Are Finally Getting Along & There May Be Hope For Them

The couples never quite know what they are in for on Married at First Sight and the first few weeks of Kate and Luke's marriage were a struggle for them. They were complete strangers when they met at the altar and in the weeks that followed, they had plenty of hiccups. But in this exclusive Married at First Sight clip, Kate and Luke are finally getting closer. That doesn't mean it wasn't a long road to get here, though.

First, Luke admitted that Kate just wasn't the type of woman he typically goes for and then he spent their one month anniversary with his friends instead of home with her, working on their marriage. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions with them and it finally looks like they are on the same page with their marriage.

In the clip, all of the Married at First Sight couples arrive in the Poconos for a romantic weekend of close quarters and hot tubbing. They also have to continue their individual discussions about whether or not they want to stay married, but the hard part will come later. In the clip, Kate says that she and Luke have "been trending upwards" and "getting closer" after weeks of highs and lows as they have gotten to know each other.

"I think that being here in the Poconos is our opportunity to really connect with each other," Kate says. It's about time.

Earlier this season, Kate and Luke struggled to get closer even after their honeymoon. Luke admitted that Kate isn't his type and she told the camera that one of her biggest fears was that one of them wouldn't be attracted to the other. Dr. Pepper explained that being physically attracted to each other isn't the most important thing as they try to build a foundation for a relationship, but if that is was one of Kate's biggest fears realized, you can't blame her for worrying.

After their first kiss on their honeymoon, Luke told Kate that he "felt dead inside" and that the kiss repulsed him. If that wasn't enough to totally discourage her, I don't know what else he could do to push her away. In the episode, Luke said that it just didn't feel natural, and since they were still virtually strangers at that point, it is totally valid on his part.

The whole process in the Married at First Sight experiment can go either terribly wrong or get everything right for these new couples. They get married without ever meeting or seeing each other, so it's no wonder that some of the couples struggle so much in the beginning.

Luke and Kate's one month anniversary presented more problems for the couple. He came home after spending the day with friends and once more, Kate tried to get to the bottom of their issues. One problem Luke noted for himself was her drinking. But, as Dr. Pepper explained, that could just be an excuse to detract attention from his inability to connect with her physically.

Now, things seem to be on the upswing for Kate and Luke. In the Married at First Sight clip, Kate says that they've decided to just have fun and see where things go. That sounds a little vague, but right now, it's the best they can hope for. Maybe with a little less pressure to make their new marriage work, they can find some common ground and work things out for good.

Either way, it's getting down to crunch time and soon, they are going to have to decide if they want to stay together or get divorced.