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Kate Middleton Joked She's Ready For Baby No. 4 In The Most Casual Way Ever

There must be something extra special about Northern Ireland that encourages people to relax and open up. Even people who tend to be pretty cautious about what they say, like Kate Middleton and Prince William. The couple are enjoying a surprise visit to Northern Ireland at the moment, and they seem to be having a genuinely good time. Pouring pints of Guinness, playing soccer with kids, talking about having another baby... oh wait, what? That's right, according to Hello! Magazine, Kate Middleton joked about having a fourth baby in the most off-handed manner ever and I sort of love that she's kind of laid back in Ireland.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were wrapping up a jam-packed tour of Northern Ireland on Thursday, according to People, and were clearly having a pretty great time, even if their three adorable kids weren't with them on the trip. But just because they weren't there doesn't mean 5-year-old Prince George, 3-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 9-month-old Prince Louis were far from their mother's thoughts. Especially once Middleton got a bead on a sweet little baby in the crowd outside of the Braid Arts Centre in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, according to the Daily Mail.

Middleton walked over to greet 5-month-old baby James Barr, and his father Alan, according to Hello! Magazine, and this opened up some emotions in her.

The Duchess of Cambridge tucked in nice and close to James to have a little visit and admitted to his dad, "He's a very sweet little boy. It makes me very broody."

Alan Barr quickly asked her, "A fourth one?"

To which Middleton breezily replied, "I think William might be slightly worried."

Everyone laughed, probably just giddy from her charm and her glossy hair and such.

Royal watchers the world over seem to have been wondering whether or not Middleton and Prince William will have a fourth baby basically since the birth of their third. Some media outlets, such as The Daily Express, have speculated that the impending birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby might spur Middleton on to have a fourth, but there haven't been any confirmations from Kensington Palace, of course.

And this comment about being "broody" from Kate Middleton shouldn't be considered any kind of confirmation either. I can tell you I get broody whenever I see a baby but that doesn't mean I'm having another one.

Here's my takeaway from their visit to Ireland; I think Middleton and Prince William are enjoying this stage of their lives. They were noticeably more affectionate with each other on this recent outing, according to Harper's Bazaar, and even joking around about the fact that Prince George says his mother is "rubbish" at soccer, according to People.

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Perhaps they both realize that the future could bring a lot more responsibility for them both, what with Prince William being second in line to the throne. So why not relax a little while they can, joke around and love little babies and get playful with each other? Let's just let them have a little fun, OK?