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Kate Middleton Honored Princess Diana At The BAFTAs In The Most Glamorous Way

You'd be hard pressed to find a time where Kate Middleton's fashion and accessory choices weren't explicitly chosen. I mean, the duchess just absolutely does not wear any old thing — every item of clothing she's seen in has some kind of meaning, whether it's a color or jus the practicality of the item, and her look for the 2019 BAFTAs was no different. Kate Middleton wore Princess Diana's drop-pearl earrings with a gorgeous Alexander McQueen gown, and the look was just lovely.

The BAFTAs are almost always a glam affair — and the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to be there — so seeing her in this incredible look isn't shocking. But any time there's a chance to see her wear something of Princess Diana's, I soak it up. There's a reason Princess Diana was called The People's Princess, and her legacy being continued through her children and their families is just beautiful.

I don't always catch a refreshed Princess Diana look, but the earrings the Duchess of Cambridge wore on the BAFTAs red carpet are pretty famous. A quick Google search of "Princess Diana drop-pearl earrings" will give you plenty of image results, and a lot of them are famous photographs you've seen before. According to The Telegraph, Princess Diana wore these earrings to several black-tie events, often with the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, another accessory Kate has borrowed on occasion.

The earrings are stunning and fairly large. The top includes a curve of diamonds with "cluster of marquise-cut stones in the centre, from which hangs a single pearl," noted The Telegraph. Gorgeous, right? I mean, the diamonds are to be expected, but honestly those earrings could be plastic pastel pieces from the Pretty Pretty Princess game and I'd love that Kate is wearing them. The Telegraph reported that Princess Diana left her jewelry to her two sons, which explains why both Kate and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, have been seen in some of Diana's favorites. Kate already wears Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring, and as they drove off to their wedding reception, Meghan Markle was seen wearing a gorgeous aquamarine cocktail ring with Prince Harry.

It's a lovely nod to her mother-in-law, but it's also an incredible tribute to fashion and history. In 2017, the "definitive dress exhibition" showcasing some of Princess Diana's most famous gowns, outfits, and coats, opened in Kensington Palace for people to walk through her style timeline. It's a capsule of sorts, and though it's set to close this February, it's an incredible look into the fashion she wore, and how much of her clothes defined big moments. Seeing her daughter-in-law wear some of her very own pieces? It's a big circle in a big way.

I have a tiny ring of my great-grandmother's, the nana I never met, that I wore on my wedding day and it's one of my most prized possessions. Is it anywhere near as exquisite as diamond and pearl-drop earrings? Of course not. But the thing about jewelry is that while the gems and stones make a big statement, it's the history behind them that really glows. And Kate, as always, glowed beautifully — just like her mother-in-law.