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James Middleton Called Kate His "Wonderful Sister" In A Sweet Shout-Out

As a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton has made impressive efforts in her work with children's charities in the past several years and her own family is clearly proud of her. For instance, Middleton's brother James gave his "wonderful sister" a sweet shout-out supporting her most recent endeavors.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently helped launch a nation online survey called 5 Big Questions For The Under Five, aimed at starting a dialogue for parents of little ones in those all-important early years. "Parents, families and carers are at the heart of raising the next generation, and that’s why I feel so passionate about listening to them and listening to your thoughts and your views, and how best we can support you going forward," Middleton explained in a video shared on Kensington Palace's Instagram.

As mom to 6-year-old Prince George, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 21-month-old Prince Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge has zeroed in on a focus with her charitable organizations that help children thrive and offer support to the people raising them. And her family has gone public in their support for her. Her brother James Middleton took to his own Instagram page on Thursday to share a message about the work his "wonderful sister" is doing and encouraged his followers to fill out the survey before it ends on Friday, Feb. 21.

James noted that, while he doesn't have children himself, he believes that "your own experiences will help invest in the future of the next generation." He also pointed out that the survey only takes five minutes and by taking part in it, people can become part of the "biggest conversation on early childhood."

"This isn’t a post about dogs...brace yourselves," he began in post, featuring a photo of him as a boy with a bulldog. "BUT it’s in huge support of my wonderful Sister’s ‘Early Years’ initiative to ask '5 big questions on the under fives'. If you have 5 minutes & live in the UK join the biggest conversation on early childhood. Like me even if you don’t have children, your own experiences will help invest in the future of the next generation."

The Duchess of Cambridge's brother isn't the only family member publicly supporting her important initiative. Their mother Carole Middleton owns the U.K.-based party supply chain Party Pieces and shared a link about the 5 Big Questions Survey on its Twitter feed recently.

Kate Middleton has been a member of the royal family since 2011 and has naturally been involved in many charitable endeavors. In recent years, however, the bulk of her charitable efforts and much of her energy has been spent on a topic she's said she feels passionate about: early childhood. And it's pretty wonderful to see her own family supporting her.