Bob Mahoney/The CW

'TVD's Best Villain Is Making A Comeback

How do you make sure your show goes out on a high note? You bring back one of the most villainous and best big bads the series has ever seen. And in the case of TVD, that means bringing back Nina Dobrev's other beloved Mystic Falls character. That's right, my friends — Katherine Pierce is returning to The Vampire Diaries and fans couldn't be more thrilled with the news. But, of course, we already were well aware of Dobrev's return, however, many assumed it would just be in the form of Elena Gilbert. But now that Katherine is running hell now that Cade is out of the way (because of course she is), this is going to make her return all the more exciting to watch.

I should've known as soon as I saw Cade die that there was bound to be a twist thrown into the plan. I mean, we still have two full episodes to get through, so if the devil is now dead, there has to be a new baddie force to take his place. And what better person is out there than the woman who has caused so much pain and drama for this gang in the past. It's fitting to have her show up again. She helped kick off the series, after all. It makes sense for her to be there when it comes to a close.

I made a hopeful prediction last year that Katherine would return to TVD and now that it's been confirmed that she will darken the door of Mystic Falls once more I couldn't be more thrilled to see her back in action. And this isn't even normal Katherine anymore. This is Katherine who has been living in hell for years. That has to up her badassery to new and improved levels. What has she been doing all this time? She seems to have made friends with Kai since he mentioned something about losing a bet with her. Are they best friends? Can we get a buddy comedy spin-off of these two? What kind of torture does she have in store now that she's the boss?

There are so many questions that need answering, but unfortunately, it looks as though we'll have to wait an entire week to get more information. According to the promo, Damon seems to think they can lure her out of hiding with Stefan and Caroline's wedding. Is that when she'll make her grand debut? Considering the last time this show featured a wedding (which ended in a bloodbath), I'm hoping this day of holy matrimony will end on a happier note. But if Katherine's involved, that seems unlikely. Man, I've missed her.