Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's daughter's name, Daisy Dove Bloom, has special ties to Perry's latest...
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Katy Perry Gave Birth To A Baby Girl & Her Daughter's Name Has Such A Special Meaning

by Casey Suglia

Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove! After announcing the birth of her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, fans of the pop star may have noticed that Katy Perry's baby's name is not only very pretty, but it also has a special tie to the singer.

In a statement initially made on Unicef's Instagram, Perry and Bloom announced the arrival of their baby girl and also revealed her full name, Daisy Dove Bloom. "We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter," the couple told Unicef. The new parents also referred to their daughter by her initials, "DDB."

In their announcement, which did not reveal when exactly Perry gave birth, the couple also shared a black and white photo of their newborn's hand grasping onto Bloom's thumb. The new mom's thumb was also featured in the pic with a perfect nail detail: a daisy.

Although Perry hasn't shared the exact meaning behind her daughter's name or why they chose it, her new album Smile does feature a song called "Daisies." In May, Perry showed off her bare pregnancy bump in the music video for "Daisies," a song she said on Instagram means a lot to her.

"I wrote this song a couple of months ago as a call to remain true to the course you've set for yourself, regardless of what others may think," she wrote. "Each of us is more than seven billion, with our own stories of strength and resilience to tell."

The daisy itself is a symbol of innocence, birth, new beginnings, and cheerfulness, according to Bouqs, which is incredibly fitting. Not to mention, it's symbolic of the life that Perry and Bloom have started together. Daisy's middle name, Dove, is likely a reference to the bird that represents peace, as The Bump explains.

Throughout her pregnancy, Perry teased that she and Bloom had a "little list" of names already picked out for their daughter, but also said their little one would tell them her name once she was born. "We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we've got options and she'll tell us," Perry said during a June interview with Mix 104.1. "I'll look at her and go 'Oh yeah, yeah, you are her, you are that.'"

And Daisy Dove Bloom is officially here and her name is beautiful.