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Kehlani's "Baby Mama" Dance Video Is A Fun Tribute To Her Pregnancy Bump

Kehlani is currently pregnant with her first child and is quickly approaching her due date. But instead of sitting around waiting to give birth, Kehlani is taking a super fun approach to her final moments of pregnancy — she's dancing it out. After watching Kehlani's "Baby Mama" dance video, people will want to start dancing with her. The mama to be has got moves.

The mom-to-be is due sometime in the next few weeks and set to give birth to a daughter, according to E! Online. And in the meantime, she's trying to dance her out. On Friday, the soulful singer shared a video of herself dancing to "The Baby Momma Dance" by Starrkeisha.

In the video, posted to Twitter and Instagram, Kehlani can be seen with her bare bump out for everyone to see, moving and grooving to the song with her friends and her dogs. In the video, Kehlani rubs her bump, shimmies her shoulders, and moves her hips to the hilarious song.

"Eviction notice!," Kehlani wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

Editor's Note: The video has since been deleted.

This might be the eviction notice to get her daughter out. Physical activity — like getting down to the "The Baby Mama Dance" or doing something as simple as walking — is one of the most commonly reported labor triggers. So her daughter should consider herself to be served.

And Kehlani's fans are loving the dance and how happy the mom to be seems in the video.

"This is so cute," one commenter wrote.

"My favorite baby mama," another commenter added.

"Baby bout to come out lit as hell," one commenter hilariously observed. And they're definitely not wrong.

Kehlani hasn't been the only pregnant woman to post a video of herself dancing to "The Baby Mama Dance." Since the song debuted in 2013 on YouTube, it's become a viral sensation with moms (who are typically close to their due date) shaking their bump on front of the camera to induce labor, according to CafeMom.

It's a super fun way for moms to be active, show off their moves, and embrace their bellies in the final weeks of their pregnancy.

Although Kehlani looked super happy in the video to be embracing her bump, she said in an interview on Zane Lowe's World Record that she is very excited to give birth, according to People. Kehlani said:

I'm really excited to experience that, just because I've always been interested in the birth process my whole life. If I had enough free time and I wasn't wrapped in music, I'd probably be a doula or something. But just to feel what surrender feels like — completely surrendering to the entire process of being in extreme pain but also extreme beauty, it's very ceremonial for me. So I'm really excited about that.

Since she first announced her pregnancy on Instagram in October 2018, according to Us Weekly, Kehlani has been all about embracing the whole entire experience. "If you know me, you know I've dreamt about motherhood since I was very young," Kehlani wrote in the caption of the now-deleted post.

And her dreams will come true soon enough. And in the meantime, she can continue to dance her daughter out.