This Glitterry Caticorn Cereal Is Every Cat Lovers Dream Breakfast

by Jen McGuire

The best thing about being a grown up is that you get to pick your own cereal and no one can tell you a thing about it. I guess maybe if you have, like, a dietitian or a doctor who is watching your sugar count, I guess maybe they could say something. But no one else. And guess what, guys? Now all of this being an adult stuff is about to pay off. Because there's a new cereal in town, and it's the stuff of dreams. Kelloggs new Caticorn cereal is made with edible glitter. What a time to be alive.

The cereal giant has combined all of the good things in the world that we love and made what I can only assume is going to be the most delicious breakfast treat I've ever eaten. Other than the first time I tried strawberry Pop Tarts, that was a magical moment that can never be replaced. Kelloggs has just introduced Caticorn cereal, featuring all the cats plus unicorns plus glitter plus cold cereal. This wonderful invention is available for a limited time only at Sam's Club, and even the description is a whole lot of fun; "Bring a little meow-gic to your morning with Kellogg's Caticorn Cereal—a fun, quirky, and scrumptious cereal loaded with the sweet taste of mixed berries. Inspired by the mythical Caticorn breed, this limited edition cereal includes a dazzling sprinkle of edible glitter for an extra-special eating experience your family will love."

So here's the good news; Caticorn cereal sells for $6 a box. Here's the bad news; it will only be at Sam's Club until March. But I have better news for you on this magical caticorn ride called life because the cereal is expected to be made available at Wal-Mart after it's brief sojourn at Sam's Club, according to Best Products, at least until the end of April. So that should give you plenty of time to stockpile your cereal and reap all the benefits of those "8 essential vitamins and minerals."

Some of you might be wondering what exactly a caticorn is, and where did it come from. Well, when a unicorn and a cat fall in love and have a baby, they make a caticorn (or unikitty, but it's obvious everyone prefers caticorn). A cat with a horn coming out of its forehead like a unicorn. This is one of those mythical creatures some fanciful people like to invent because it's fun mashing your favorite things together. And clearly it was an idea that took off, because there is no better sign than you've made it into the zeitgeist than when you get your own cereal. Especially if edible glitter is involved.

Just give yourself a moment to think of all the ways you can enjoy Caticorn cereal. In the morning when you wake up or before you go to bed or when you need an afternoon pick me up. Basically, Caticorn cereal is the perfect appetizer or main dish for all of those times you need to feel extra magical.

So, always.