Ken Bone's Halloween Costume Just Beat Everyone Else's

Halloween can be daunting. Last year I dressed up as a "Freudian Slip" (basically me in a slip with phrases like "penis envy" and "unresolved Oedipus complex" sticky taped all over) and literally no one got it. I was just some weirdo in a slip eating too many Cheetos in the corner of someone's spooky garage. It's tough to find a clever/unique/witty costume every year, right? But this year I think Ken Bone's Halloween costume might have us all beat: He's going as himself.

Kenneth Bone, also known as the true winner of the second presidential debate from Sunday night, is having a Moment. He was tasked with the responsibility of asking candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton a question at the town hall-style debate as an undecided voter. What happened next is the stuff of dreams: For reasons no one can fully understand (although the disposable camera and his porn star moniker probably didn't hurt), the internet turned him into the hero of the piece. The man of the hour.

Kenneth Bone memes starting trending within minutes of his television appearance. The world forgot about the brass knuckle debate between Clinton and Trump for an instant to focus on something even more important than who will become the next president of the United States: the grand spectacle that was Ken Bone. And what with Halloween just around the corner, people started dreaming up "Kenneth Bone starter packs" as viable, witty costumes for the big night.

Unfortunately for clever, ironic hipsters everywhere, Ken Bones has beat them to the punch. When asked by The New York Times what he planned to dress as for Halloween, Bones replied:

I’ll wear the sweater again, and I’ll dress as me because I look just like me.

And right there, folks, is why we at the internet fell in love with him. Ken Bones just gets it.

Ken Bone's red sweater, an Izod quarter-zip cotton cable number, sold out on several websites on Monday, according to GQ. Now just in case anyone was wondering whether or not the boost in red cable sweater sales could be attributed to Mr. Bone, many purchasers like Timothy Chappy on Amazon let their feelings be known. He wrote in his review:

I was inspired by future President of the United States Ken Bone. I love everything he stands for and that includes beautiful quarter zip red sweaters. #4yearsofsweaterweather

Ken Bones and his wife Heather (who should really be getting the credit here since she was the one who picked out his sweater for the debate) told The New York Times they felt it was the bright red color of the sweater that caused all the brouhaha.

“It’s a really bright color when everybody else was wearing dark colors,” Mr. Bone said. “That was naturally going to draw some attention.”

Here's hoping Bones and his wife enjoy their moment. And that he wins, like, every single Halloween costume contest ever.