Khloe K. Is Asking Fans For Advice About True's Next Milestone

Even a Kardashian needs a little help from her fellow moms every now and again. Because sometimes it's tough to know if you're making the right decisions for your baby, and wasn't the internet basically invented for us to check in with each other and ask for advice? I think so, and I'm not the only one. Khloé is ready for True's next milestone, but before she gets into it she wants to know what her fans might think.

True Thompson was born on April 12 in Cleveland, which means that the tiny daughter of Khloé and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson is now four months old. And now that she's getting a bit bigger, her mom is starting to think about her future. You know how it is when your baby gets a bit more mobile and suddenly it feels like they're becoming a little person. Well, that's where Khloé is with True. She wants to look forward to the next phase, more specifically, she's interesting in hitting those fun milestones. Like swimming, for instance. On Tuesday the Good American jean designer took to Twitter to ask her followers whether or not she should start swimming lessons for True, asking; "At what age should a baby take swim lessons? I see so many tiny babies learning to swim now. Personally, I think that’s very smart. Thoughts?"

Considering the fact that True is currently living in Los Angeles with her parents, land of the swimming pools and beaches, it seems like a pretty good idea to make sure her daughter knows how to swim. Plus let's face it; seeing little babies swimming is super cute (not that that's the point, of course, I'm just saying I really love to see this sort of thing). Her followers were quick to give her loads of solid advice.

A few people asked the Revenge Body host if she would be interested in Mommy and Me classes, where babies and toddlers learn to swim with their parents in the pool with them. And of course, she was totally into it.

Fortunately, a swimming lesson coach contacted Khloé on Twitter to let her know that the official guideline from Infant Swimming Resource is to start lessons no sooner than six months of age. According to the ISR website, children can learn important life-saving techniques like rolling over on to their backs and floating starting at six months. Which I guess means that she'll have to hold off with True for a few months.

As adorable as it is to see little babies who can swim, let's get real; it's an important skill for kids to have. Especially if their parents happen to own a pool. There are far too many stories of little children slipping away for a moment or two and running into trouble in a pool or a lake. So Khloé is clearly on the right track here, because she wants to make sure her little "best friend" True stays safe.

Khloé is following the solid example first laid out by sister Kim Kardashian West. She put her kids in swim lessons as well, although her 5-year-old daughter North took her first swim lessons when she was one.

At the end of the day, every parent needs to make their own decision on when it would be best to start their kids in swimming lessons. Whether that might be at six months, one year, or two years old, it's up to you. As long as your kids know how to stay safe near the water and wear life jackets when needed, it's all good.