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Khloe Kardashian's Investigation Discovery Show Is Back For Season 2

Anyone who loves true crime has probably found themselves embroiled in a day-long marathon with Investigation Discovery at some point. And when the network premiered the Khloé Kardashian-produced series Twisted Sisters last September, it brought a whole new genre of killing sprees and horrific crimes to obsess over. Now, Khloé Kardashian's Investigation Discovery show is back and Twisted Sisters has the potential to be more *twisted* than ever.

Season 2 premieres on Investigation Discovery on August 12 and follows the stories of different sisters each episode who have either committed some heinous crime together or against each other. The show tells their stories through interviews with close friends and loved ones and it's basically like Snapped, but for sisters rather than jilted spouses who have turned against each other.

When Kardashian was brought on as an executive producer for the show's inaugural season, it was a little confusing for some of her fans. Since Kardashian herself isn't the survivor of a sister on sister crime or an attacker herself, it was a little unclear how she became a part of the series by 44 Blue Productions. But when you consider the fact that part of her fame stems from being famous for having a crew of close knit sisters, it all makes a little more sense. Now, Kardashian is back for Season 2.

Part of her reason for being on board for a second season in a row might also have something to do with her own love of true crime. I guess celebrities enjoy a good and gritty true crime story like the rest of us.

"I am thrilled to be partnering with ID for the new season of Twisted Sisters," she said in a press release. "Anyone who knows me understands what a huge true crime fan I am. This series shows how strong the bonds between sisters really are but how twisted they can become when they’re triggered by jealousy."

Last season, Twisted Sisters delved into a handful of sinister (true) stories about sisters. These included the Merrifield sisters, one of whom killed the other and took her newborn baby to pass of as her own. Another featured family was the Hatton-Parr sisters. In that case, one of the sisters was convicted of stabbing the other to death. Clearly, these stories aren't for the faint of heart, but they do dive into the psychology of why sisters commit crimes against each other or with each other and what their individual lives were like leading up to their crimes.

Because of the unique premise of Twisted Sisters, the series was actually renewed for a second season ahead of its Season 1 finale in 2018. So it really is no wonder that Kardashian stuck around to see the series into its sophomore season. And, it seems, she has found a new passion in working with true crime shows in general.

Not only is Kardashian back as an executive producer for Twisted Sisters, but she will fill a similar role for ID's upcoming spin-off, Twisted Love. The new series, set to premiere in 2020, will explore the horrors of crimes committed against spouses and romantic partners in fits of passion, not unlike Snapped. But the fact that Kardashian has signed on to be a part of that docuseries shows her commitment to ID in general and I have a feeling her expertise as someone with four sisters of her own will continue to serve her well with Twisted Sisters.