Khloé Kardashian's Netflix Marathons Prove She's Just Like Us

It's probably safe to say that Khloé Kardashian is living a pretty glamorous life, right? Anyone who has ever watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians has gotten a solid glimpse of Khloé's house, her wardrobe, her holidays... it's all pretty spectacular. And yet. As a new mom, Khloé Kardashian is marathon-watching Netflix non-stop, if her Twitter feed is to be believed. Which is so comforting for moms who live rather less glamorous lives than the Kardashians.

The Good American jeans designer welcomed baby girl True Thompson with her longtime boyfriend, Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, in April. And what do you think the new mom has been getting up to since giving birth? Wild parties, spa days, vacations, late nights? Nope. She's way too tired for all of that, apparently. As Khloé pointed out in a Snapchat video in early June, even after a full eight hours of sleep at night, according to People, "Even though I thought I would be super rested, I am just so exhausted. But I’ve come to the realization that I’m gonna be pretty tired for a long-ass time. But it’s all good. I’m kind of excited.”

So what does a famous Kardashian mom do when she's too tired to go out? Why the same thing as the rest of us... get super invested in marathon sessions of television.

The Revenge Body host's most recent tweets have been all about finding and marathoning new shows. Well, some of them aren't all that new; she recently discovered Stranger Things on Netflix, a show the rest of us have probably already blown through at least twice (although the second season only got one watch from me).

Khloé's fans have been checking in with her to make sure she was up to date on all the best shows, which is why the internet was invented as far as I'm concerned. They've also been encouraging her to watch The Handmaid's Tale, which is an excellent suggestion. Although maybe a little dark for a woman who just gave birth, but whatever.

The new mom's most recent marathon? Game of Thrones, if you can believe it. I guess she was busy having a baby and filming her own shows last year, so being behind on all the best series does sort of make sense.

Of course, the new mom was already into Game of Thrones pre-True. She and Thompson dressed up as Daenerys Targeryan and Khlal Drogo for Halloween last year. Back when she had the energy to go out for a night on the town, I guess.

This is the reality of being a new mom, or even a well-seasoned mom like Yours Truly. Raising babies isn't just time consuming, it's also emotionally exhausting. And now that Khloé is living back in Los Angeles after her temporary move to Cleveland earlier this year, she's also back to work. Which means she is probably more exhausted than ever, as evidenced by her recent tweet asking fellow moms for advice on how to find more energy to socialize.

Everything changes after you have a baby, this we know for sure. Your energy level and your priorities tend to shift. I know plenty of moms who thought spending a Saturday night in watching television meant life was over before they had kids. But after? Things are different. With a new baby around, you start to realize that there's nothing better in this world than giving your baby a sweet-smelling bath, feeding her and putting her down for the night before curling up in front of the TV with your favorite show.

I mean, if a Kardashian mom is doing it, it has to be cool, right?