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Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Why She Keeps Things Civil With Tristan Thompson

Khloé Kardashian has gone through a massive life change in the past few years. She fell deeply in love with NBA star Tristan Thompson and filled her social media feed with loved up posts of the couple living the dream. Then they discovered they were expecting their first child together and the Good American jean designer looked like she might explode from happiness. Of course, things have changed since then; the couple have split up after several cheating allegations against the basketball pro, and it was clearly a tough time for the new mom. But Khloé's relationship with ex Tristan has remained friendly, despite the pain and heartache, for one important reason: she is laser focused on their baby girl True Thompson.

The Revenge Body host sat down for an interview with family law attorney Laura Wesser for her podcast Divorce Sucks! recently, as E! News reported. With her trademark honesty, Khloé opened up about how difficult the break up has been on her especially considering it is still relatively fresh. She and Tristan reportedly broke up in February after several reports alleged that the basketball star had been seen getting close with Kardashian family friend, model Jordyn Woods, according to ELLE.

Since then, it appears that Khloé has been living in Los Angeles with the couple's daughter, 13-month-old True Thompson, while Tristan lives in Cleveland. But that doesn't mean he isn't still a part of her life, according to Khloé.

As Khloé shared during her interview on Divorce Sucks!, according to an advance clip shared by TMZ, "It does f--king suck. It does and there's moments that because our personal emotions are still in there and for me, you know, Tristan and I broke up not too long ago, so it's really raw and so those emotions could be heightened at times."

Despite the raw emotion and pain, this mom is doing everything in her power to keep things positive for her young daughter to keep her from being affected by negative energy. According to TMZ, she shared during the same interview:

But, I do everything in my power to not even bring… True is 1 and like a month old, so she doesn't really know what's happening, but to me she does know and she feels energy and I'm a big believer of that, so I do everything in my power to not put any sort of heavy energy around her. Maybe that sounds a little too like bohemian to some people.

It's true that babies are highly sensitive to their mother's feelings. They might not be able to communicate their emotions but they can sense their mother's stress, as noted in a study shared by HuffPost. So Khloé's efforts to keep things civil could have a lasting positive impact on her daughter.

Indeed, the two parents were together for True's extravagant first birthday party about two months after their break up.

It's clear from the clip that Khloé is a bit uncomfortable, but she also seems to be determined to make sure True can look back and have loads of memories with her father. Just as she did with her own dad, the late Robert Kardashian Sr. So she's putting her own pain aside for her daughter. "And I know her dad is a great person. I know how much he loves her and cares about her, so I want him to be there and it was civilized and we did it," she said, according, Entertainment Tonight.

It's not easy, especially in the early days when you're still hurting from all of those disappointed hopes for your future. But trying to put on a happy face is worth it. Because your child knows more about your feelings than you know.