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Khloe Kardashian's Daughter True Is Walking & It Feels Emotional

I should probably note that I don't think Khloé Kardashian's daughter True is a part of my life or anything, OK? I know it's slightly odd that I'm so flabbergasted by the passage of time since True's birth on Apr. 21, 2018, but there you have it. Yes, it feels like that baby turned one in the blink of an eye and I'll tell you what; I'm loving those baby True updates so much that perhaps I'm not ready to move on. Or at least I wasn't until I saw Khloé Kardashian's video of True walking and now I sort of feel like the world is a beautiful place full of hope and promise for the future. Because how could you not be a happy person seeing that smiling baby girl?

Let's enjoy a brief recap shall we? True is the youngest of the fabled Kardashian triplets who are not actually triplets; Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago was born on Jan. 15, Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi was born on Feb. 1, and of course True was born on Apr. 21, making her the baby of the babies. And now it looks as though that baby is walking and enjoying every minute of it with that trademark happy smile of hers.

In the video, which was shared by the Kardashian fan page KhloeSnapchats on Instagram, the Good American jean designer is behind the camera encouraging her little girl to walk towards her. Which she does with incredibly steady feet, I have to say. I'm now suspicious these were her first steps.

But, regardless of whether they were truly her very first steps or not, you can't deny the pure, unabashed pride in mama Khloé's voice. It's pretty clear that there's nothing that'll burst this happy mommy and True bubble.

True and her two little Kardashian cousins are all walking now, as per E! News, which makes sense, given their ages, even if it might have shocked some of us. Healthline notes that children tend to start walking anywhere from 8 months of age to 18 months. It's different with every kid — some take longer and some are walking before you know it — but they're generally pretty mobile by the time they turn 1.

While True might be getting bigger and everything, she is still very much a little baby in some wonderful respects. Please allow me to present Exhibit A, True having a bath in the sink and just losing her mind over water coming from the tap.

Baby True should enjoy being the youngest of the KarJenner clan while it lasts, because her baby reign is about to end. BBC reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child, a baby boy, via surrogate in the coming months. Which means True and the rest of the gang will have a little baby to enjoy and gush over.

But until then, I'm still pretty happy gushing over True. Walking now, getting bigger, but still one of the sweetest babies around.