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Kid Trax Rideamals Now Has A *Unicorn* & You'll Want One For Yourself — EXCLUSIVE

Is there anything more magical than having your own "ride" as a kid? Whether it's a hand-me-down bicycle or a fire engine red scooter or a brand new tricycle, there is something about having your own way to get up and go when you're little that's just pure heaven. And now, thanks to the geniuses at Kid Trax, your kids can having something even more magical. Your children can ride a singing, whinnying, dancing unicorn down their driveway like a Harry Potter character. Kid Trax Rideamals Josie the Unicorn is coming, and she's as magical as she sounds.

It's like if you combined your favorite rocking horse with your favorite motorized ride-on toy and then added a big ol' dollop of love. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm being honest. My 5-year-old Alice had the opportunity to try out Josie, and when I tell you she fell in love, I mean she fell in love. And it's kind of hard not to — Kid Trax Rideamals are pretty incredible. Josie herself has over 100 unique sounds and movements, including a horn that lights up in various colors, and even plays a unique unicorn song when you press the heart on her side. Oh, and did I mention she'll dance along to that song with you? That's one of my girl's favorite parts.

But it gets better — Josie isn't just a ride-on toy that makes noises. Her eyes blink and her head moves, and she has sensors on different parts of her that respond to touch and rubs. (Make sure to get her behind those ears!) She also comes with a cupcake and a bouquet of flowers to feed her, and because she's super interactive, when you place them in her mouth, she makes chewing or slurping noises, and even lets out a happy little burp. (Also one of my girl's favorite parts.) You can even brush her mane and tail, giving your kiddo the chance to really feel like they're taking care of a beautiful, magical creature.

Now? You're ready to ride. Josie's full, her hair is looking fly, and she's super excited. For starters, your kid can absolutely walk her if they're not ready to jump in the saddle. You just pull the rein over Josie's head, and press the button on the rein as you walk, and she'll trot along beside you. But when your kid's ready to ride, just hop on, hold onto the reins, and you can either go forward at a "trot" at 3.5 miles per hour, or a "gallop" at 4 miles per hour. You can also switch her to reverse for some back-up skills.

I feel like I need to reiterate that 3.5 to 4 miles per hour thing: you guys, Josie's fast. It took my kid a few tries to feel comfortable riding her, and her rein is sensitive, so you want to make sure you're holding her straight if you don't want Josie to careen into the side of the yard. As always, safety first, so I don't recommend riding Josie on a super busy street with a lot of cars — Josie's hard to drag into the grass to get out of the way. And in our thick grass, she struggled a bit to really get going, but on our driveway and other flat surfaces? You guys, Alice was in love. She woke up the next morning, came down for breakfast and said, "Oh! I need to go check on my unicorn."

For the parents: charging Josie is also super easy. She comes with an easy to plug-in charger cord, and you just plug it into the port on her chest. It recommends a full 18 hours of charging for the first time, and then 12 hours of charging time after that when Josie slows down. When I told Alice Josie might need charging, she asked me, "Why? Is she electronic?" My girl literally thought Josie was a real unicorn.

Courtesy of Samantha Darby

And so will you and your kids. Josie won't be available for purchase until Oct. 1, but Romper readers can sign up here for an exclusive 24-hour presale notification. Due to limited quantities of Josie, just signing up for the notification doesn't guarantee product availability when you're ready to purchase, but signing up will get you a notification on Sept. 30 so you can order Josie ASAP. She's considered one of the hottest toys of the year, so signing up is pretty crucial.

Seriously, you guys. I know Josie looks enormous and like your kid doesn't need even one more ride-on toy, but Josie is so much more than just another moving vehicle. She's like a stuffed animal come to life, and she's a unicorn. Bonus: she holds up to 70 pounds, so this is a toy your kid can enjoy for more than just a year, especially since she retails for $399. I mean, that's quality right there.