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Kim Kardashian's Pics Of BFF's Chicago & True Are Just Missing Stormi

There aren't too many things cuter than a picture of a baby. Well I guess two babies would be cuter and obviously three is the ultimate, especially if we're talking about the Kardashian-Jenner babies who somehow managed to be super photographed but not all that frequently together. And I just know they're all hanging out all the time, little Chicago West, True Thompson, and Stormi Webster. But it's like their moms (Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner respectively) are teasing us. For instance, Kim Kardashian shared cute pics of Chicago and True together but I guess Stormi was busy because she's not in any of them and this is feeling like a real trend.

Perhaps it's unfair to say that I had expectations when the three sisters were all expecting babies at the same time. Kim welcomed her third child Chicago via surrogate on Jan. 15 of last year, Kylie gave birth to Stormi (and broke the internet with her mini documentary To Our Daughter by way of announcement) on Feb. 1, and then Khloé wrapped up the baby boom on Apr. 12 when she delivered True in Cleveland. When all of those glorious little girls arrived I assumed Kardashian followers would be inundated with photos of the little girls together, but this has been something of a yes and no situation.

On Friday Kim shared some delightful photos of Chicago and True hanging out and being adorable.

Obviously fans are happy to see pictures of these two cousins, especially in the next photo where True is diving in for a hug from Chicago who is not quite as into it.

My only issue here is that I want Stormi to be a part of these cute photo sessions. And I'm sorry to say photos of the three girls, who the Kardashian family refer to as "The Triplets," just are not frequent enough if I'm allowed to say that (I'm probably not but it's too late). The very first photo fans saw of all three girls together was back in September when Kim posted a pic appropriately captioned, "The Triplets."

Since then photos of the three girls have been few and far between, although Kim did share another one with her 3-year-old son Saint also in the mix which proves to me she's the one Kardashian who really knows what we want.

Although that being said, I'm worried when the KKW mogul posts too many pictures of True and Chicago and captions them "Best friends," as she did in August. What will happen when Stormi learns to read?

In all seriousness, there could be a very valid reason we don't see as many pictures of Stormi with her cousins. Her mother made the decision to stop posting photos of her daughter after some negative comments from trolls last summer, and I'm going to assume Kim and Khloé are just going along with her wishes.

So now everyone stop being mean and we will get more photos okay? Okay.