Kim Kardashian, mother of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, poses for a photo.
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Kim K.'s Daughter Chicago Was Spotted Wearing A Hoodie With The Sweetest Detail On It

by Casey Suglia

If there's one thing KUWTK fans can agree on it's that Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are one stylish duo. The rapper has his own clothing line, Yeezy, and the reality TV star is constantly setting trends of her own. So it only makes sense that their four kids are following in their fashion forward footsteps. For example, Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago wore a sweatshirt with the sweetest and most creative detail embroidered on it.

Kardashian is known for her adventurous sense of style and isn't afraid of taking risks, making "fashion mistakes," and just having fun with her look. And Kardashian and West's four kids — 6-year-old daughter North, 3-year-old son Saint, 1-year-old daughter Chicago, and 5-month-old son Psalm — are already playing around with their own outfits.

In fact, observant fans of the Kardashians have already spotted Chicago having a seriously fun fashion moment while hanging out with her cousins. Late last week, Kardashian's sister, Kylie Jenner, posted an adorable video of all of the young Kardashian-Jenner cousins playing together on a playground to Instagram. In the video, Chicago can be seen wearing a gray sweatshirt embroidered with the image of a woman and a young girl wearing fur coats.

But Kardashian super fans were able to recognize that the image on her sweatshirt isn't just an image of a woman and a young girl — it's actually an image modeled after a paparazzi shot of Kardashian and Chicago's big sister North, according to People. How cool is that?

One Twitter user quickly took notice, tweeting a side-by-side photo of Chicago's sweatshirt with the original photo which was taken on Valentine's Day in 2016 in New York City, according to the Daily Mail.

Even Kardashian is impressed with how observant her fans are. "You guys notice everything!!" she tweeted in reply.

But everyone else seems to be dying to know where they can get one of these sweatshirts for themselves. "I need that sweatshirt," one Twitter user wrote. "Can we get that sweater tho?," another user added. "Honestly sell those, they're cute," another user stated.

Kardashian has been making custom pieces for her kids over the past few years, as Vogue noted. "We started making kids' clothes when we realized there wasn't a lot out there that fit their personalities," she explained to the magazine in 2017. North was even designing her own clothing items (with the help of her dad) when she was just 3, according to Harper's Bazaar. "She designed her own dress today in her dad's office and is picking out fabrics tomorrow," Kardashian tweeted in 2016. "She loves fashion!!"

Kardashian's love of designing clothes for her kids (and their love of fashion) inspired her and West to come out with their own children's clothing line — The Kid's Supply — in 2017, according to E! News. Although the line hasn't released any new pieces in a few years, Kardashian is still clearly designing pieces for her own kids. Who knows? Maybe this renewed interest in Chicago's sweatshirt will inspire Kardashian to release more items to the public.