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Kim Kardashian Put Off North's Birth For Her Nails, Because Priorities

Most moms have a pretty clear version of what they want their birth plan to look like. For instance I would not have been averse to that foggy birth from the mid-century that everyone talks about, but that didn't happen. Because our birth plans don't always turn out the way we wanted them to, do they? Just ask poor Kim Kardashian West. She clearly had a pretty detailed idea of what she wanted her first birth to look like, and she was determined to stick with it. Kim Kardashian's nail color actually delayed North West's birth, because I guess priorities look different for everyone?

The KKW mogul was recently a guest on her best friend Jonathan Cheban's Foodgod: OMFG podcast discussing the birth of her oldest daughter, 7-year-old North West. As many fans know, Kardashian West suffered from preeclampsia with her pregnancy. This is a condition where high blood pressure and protein in their urine causes a pregnant woman's feet, hands, and legs to swell and it can lead to serious birth complications as well as health issues for mother and baby down the road. As the mom of four told Cheban, she received a call from her doctor explaining that she would need to give birth immediately because of her preeclampsia. Which really panicked the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, obviously, on account of she was going through an unfortunate Goth phase with her nails.

Despite the urgency of the doctor's call, Kardashian West decided to run a few pressing errands before heading over to the hospital to give birth. Like getting a manicure so her daughter wouldn't come into the world and see her mother's apparently unsightly burgundy nail color at first glance, as per The Cut:

My nails were dark. It was when I was still in my Lincoln Park After Dark phase with my burgundy nails. And I was like, ‘No, no, no, I’m having a girl like I really need a nice light-pink nail for delivery.’ So I told the doctor, ‘Are you sure I have to deliver right now, can you give me like two hours?’ And he was like, ‘Fine meet me in two hours.’

I mean, I get it. My nails weren't even painted when my first son was born and I'm fairly certain he still doesn't quite know what to think of me.

Jonathan Cheban noted that he and Kardashian were actually in the middle of running some other last minute errands before the panicked call from the doctor. He apparently took her for a bikini wax and also, most importantly, a prelabor McGriddle from McDonald's, as per Cosmopolitan.

It's important to point out that North West was born healthy and happy, and Kardashian West has gone on to welcome three more healthy kids; 4-year-old son Saint, 1-year-old daughter Chicago, and baby boy Psalm. So everything turned out fine.

That being said, I also feel like the fact that North sometimes dresses as a little Goth herself is kind of funny. I guess that baby pink manicure didn't work as well as Kardashian West was hoping.