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Kim Kardashian's New Baby Is A Capricorn, & That Means This Girl Is The GOAT

Bringing the amazing Kardashian holiday season to a post-advent peak, the news has been reported by TMZ that Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child with Kanye West via surrogate on Monday. The newest member of the clan was born on Jan. 15, a birthday the Kardashian-West now shares with Martin Luther King, Jr., making Kim Kardashian's daughter — whose name remains a secret — a Capricorn. Rest assured, the baby girl, born under the sign of the goat to two headstrong parents, will indeed be the greatest of all time. The identity of the surrogate remains unknown at this time, and while Kim's first two children were born at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, it is unclear if her third child was also delivered at that hospital.

The baby and baby-bump watch over the Kardashian clan has been intense over the past few weeks. Last Friday, Jan. 12, false rumors bubbled up that Kylie Jenner, whose pregnancy has not been confirmed by representatives of the Kardashian family, had delivered a child. TMZ discredited the report. In retrospect, Kim's surrogate could have been in labor at that time, or have knowledge that she was going to be induced. In fact, the chances are good that Kim, Kanye, and their surrogate and wider family knew that a little Capricorn was on the way. Khloe Kardashian confirmed her pregnancy in late December after a prolonged struggle with fertility. And on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian announced the news of her daughter's arrival on her blog.

Kim Kardashian, who brought her family to a new level of fame (Caitlin Jenner is, in fairness, an Olympian, and Robert Kardashian was friends with O.J. Simpson), has often been derided as a no-talent attention-seeker who parlayed a lack of privacy into an empire. But others have noted her incredible work ethic and business acumen — the app she created has amassed a reported $80 million, give or take — and she seems to have a cool head for business, as you would expect of a Libra. An air sign, Libras are concerned with fairness, if not also the dramatic, and a third child born under an earth sign should ground the proud mother even more.

In fact, Kim's decision to use a surrogate to have a third child is telling, as a Libra. She suffered placenta accreta during the birth of her son Saint Kardashian West, making further pregnancies highly risky. Her choice to use a surrogate was a compromise of sorts — expanding her family but entrusting another woman to carry the child for her.

Kanye West is a Gemini, another air sign, interestingly. Even more curiously, both Kim and Kanye have Venus in Earth signs — weirdly suggesting that they could have an Earth baby, and that this is a true child of love.

For the part of their new baby girl, who joins Saint West, 2, and North West, 4, you can expect some of Kim's loyalty to family to combine with Kanye's love of chatter — in case you forgot this moment in VMA history.

Capricorns are known for their drive — stoic like a mountain goat, they work hard until they reach the top, but also like to keep their feet on the ground. For now, expect the family to come together to celebrate the baby, and the surrogate who carried her, and to thank the stars that they have been lucky enough to have a third child. In a statement posted by TMZ, the couple announced that "we are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give." The statement reflected both the bubbly expression of a Gemini and the profound appreciation of a Libra. Congratulations to the Kardashian Wests on their newest star.

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