NBD Or Anything, But I Think Chicago West Might Be A Certified Snake Charmer — VIDEO

It can be easy to forget that you don't actually know any of the youngest generation of Kardashian kids. Considering how much fans see them on social media, they do tend to feel like part of your own family sometimes, which means, just like people do with their own families, Kardashian fans like me go down the rabbit hole of profiling each of the kids. Especially Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's four adorable kids. North is the sassy one, Saint is the sweet one, and now guess what? Chicago is the brave one, and Kim Kardashian's video of little Chicago just casually hanging out with a snake is all the evidence I need that she is going to be the bravest of the whole bunch — go ahead and quote me on that.

Chicago is the 1-year-old daughter of the KKW mogul and her husband. She is technically third in line for the Kardashian-West throne, if there was one, behind 6-year-old sister North and 4-year-old brother Saint. Don't worry though, she's still ahead of 3-month-old baby brother Psalm, if she's hoping to be Queen of the Kardashian-Wests someday. And a new video shared on Wednesday sure seems to prove she's got the calm-headed and brave nature for the job.

Kardashian took to Instagram on Aug. 20 to share a video of her daughter Chicago with a snake wrapped around her shoulders, and honestly, that kid wasn't even a little bit worried. In the video, Chi has a small snake coiling itself around her body and she's standing there all serious, holding it gently in her hands and even looking it in the face. I mean, actually handling the snake and turning it around so it has to look her in the eye like she's a tiny snake charmer or a woman in a music video from the 80s or something.

Though there were some critics in the comment, as usual, most seemed to love the video. For example, her aunt Khloé Kardashian commented on Instagram, "She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg," while Kardashian's best friend Jonathan Cheban noted, "You couldn’t pay me to do that lol."

Seriously impressive for a 1-year-old girl, right?

The Kardashian-West family seems to be enjoying a bit of extra time together this summer, although it's probably safe to say some members of the family are enjoying it more than others. While Chi is over here charming snakes like a boss, her sister North and two brothers Saint and Psalm were sitting together for a photo shoot that, as her mother pointed out, was "going so good... "

It started out happily enough with baby Psalm resting serenely in his sister North's lap. But then Saint joined in, and apparently the two older kids didn't love hanging out if the last photo in the series is any indication.

Is it just me or does even Psalm look a little wary in that last photo? Like he knows there's trouble brewing. As Saint and North glare at each other and Psalm just sits there looking uncomfortable, Chi is charming snakes off in the distance somewhere and clearly living her best life.

It can be tough being the third kid in a family of four, always trying to make your mark but stuck in the middle. But it seems that Chi has figured out her sweet spot and that is fearlessness. Not such a bad profile, right?