Meet EVRI, The Cute New Plus-Size Brand From Kohl's (That's Nice To Your Wallet)

Every woman deserves to wear clothes that make her look and feel gorgeous, confident, and uniquely herself. But as we know, we don't always get what we deserve, and for plus-sized women, finding terrific, comfortable, and reasonably-priced outfits can be an exercise in futility. But now, from the It's About Damn Time news department, Kohl's is launching EVRI, a women's private-label plus-size brand that promises to be our new #WardrobeGoals. Trust me when I say that you'll want to plan a trip to Kohl's ASAP for your spring wardrobe. And your summer wardrobe. And... you get the idea.

A substantial percentage of American women — 68 percent, to be exact — wear size 14 or above, according to data quoted by Racked. That translates to more than $21 billion in sales of plus-sized clothing, and a clothing category that's growing twice as fast as the overall industry. With stats like that, you'd think that designers and retailers would be falling all over themselves trying to please this particular demographic of clientele.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Women shopping for plus-size clothes find a number of roadblocks to looking their best. Many are disappointed with the quality of larger-sized clothing; others are frustrated with the way plus-sized clothes are cut, according to Well and Good. Then there's the design itself. Women dished to BuzzFeed about the issues they've had with plus-sized clothes: everything from the bagginess of the pieces (who wants to look like a discarded balloon?) to the patterns (stripes and hideous florals make curvy women cringe) to the inflated prices (can we not with the "extra material costs more" business?). And even when you find a top or pair of jeans you like, chances are the store doesn't have your exact size.

Enter Kohl's, which is answering the plus-size challenge with their EVRI line. The acronym itself stands for Easy, Versatile, Real (as in value), Inspiring, and the brand more than lives up to the name. Kohl's reps tell Romper that the line will be hitting stores on Friday, March 22, with fresh, attractive, and comfortable top and bottom separates, plus jackets, jumpsuits, and dresses, to fill your spring and summer wardrobe with outfits you'll be thrilled to wear all season long.

The clothes will be available in sizes 14W to 30W, assuring that you'll easily find what you need. EVRI's essential denim pieces are designed with curvy and less curvy figures in mind, hopefully putting an end to too-tight and too-baggy jeans for good.

Just take a look at a few of the offerings in this line:

Kohl's smashes the "dowdy plus-size" stereotype with separates that fit without being too clingy or tent-like.

Ready for a day at work or a lunch with friends.

Summer wedding? Boom. Done. And so pretty, people might just forget the bride for a minute as they ask you where you got that stylish dress.

So much for the "plus-size clothes have to make you look like someone's grandmother" myth.

More proof that plus-size women can look amazing in capris and bright colors.

Perhaps best of all is the price. Defying the "plus-sizes have to cost more" argument, Kohl's EVRI pieces start at just $16, and everything is under $100 — comparable to the prices of their smaller-sized clothes. So you can fill your shopping basket with separates, dresses, and jumpsuits without blowing your entire paycheck.

A tip of the hat to Kohl's for its role in making body inclusivity an integral part of its brand. By developing the EVRI line, Kohl's is acknowledging both the prevalence of the plus-size world and the importance of making them feel heard, powerful, and beautiful.