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PSA Busy Parents: Kohl's Will Soon Accept Your Amazon Returns

Shopping on Amazon is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get the things you need quickly. You can buy your diapers, toilet paper, as well as a cute $10 dress all in one go and have it shipped to your front door in, like, 48 hours. But the whole shopping experience on Amazon is about to get a lot easier because Kohl's will soon accept your Amazon returns so you don't have to deal with the hassle of heading to the post office.

Earlier this week, Kohl's announced that it will start accepting returns from Amazon in every single one of its 1,150 stores across the United States, according to CNBC. Though online shopping is certainly very easy, returning things can be a bit more complicated and time-consuming. Now, though, Amazon customers can bring eligible items that comply with Amazon's return policy into Kohl's stores (without their original box) and have them returned for no additional cost, as CNBC reported.

Kohl's will do all of the hard work from there; they'll package and then ship off your returned item to one of Amazon's return centers. But, don't run over to your local Kohl's just yet; this service won't roll out to stores nationwide until this July, according to CBS News.

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Up until this partnership, the return process for Amazon purchases has been as simple as dropping something off at a store. Customers would have to package up their items themselves, using a label printed off from On top of this, not all items come with free returns. This new form of returns, however, will make it completely free for anyone to return their Amazon items. And since there are so many Kohl's locations across the country, finding a store to drop your items off at will be pretty simple.

And, who knows, maybe once customers are inside of Kohl's, they might actually want to stay there and shop around. After all, Kohl's is notorious for its incredible sales and its in-store coupons (hello, Kohl's Cash...) that put everything at a reasonable price point. Not to mention, Kohl's carries super cute fashion lines like LC Lauren Conrad, designed by The Hills star Lauren Conrad.

Hmm, now that I think about it, this new return policy could have some people leaving with more items than they came with... Needless to say, people on Twitter are pretty jazzed about this news. "WHOA. I like this! Another reason I love @Kohls!" one such person reacted on Twitter.

Of course, Kohl's CEO, Michelle Gass, told CNBC that she thinks this partnership is a pretty great idea. "Amazon and Kohl's have a shared passion in providing outstanding customer service, and this unique partnership combines Kohl's strong nationwide store footprint and omnichannel capabilities with Amazon's reach and customer loyalty," she told the news outlet.

In other words, there are a lot more similarities between the companies than people would expect. And with this new feature, it sounds like it will not only make both companies stronger, it will also make their customers a lot happier.