What The 'Floribama Shore' Wild Child Is Like Outside The Shore House

The second season of Floribama Shore is here and your favorite southerners are now back under one roof. But what were they up to when they weren't all living in the same beach house? One way to find out is to look at their Instagram accounts. For instance, Kortni's Instagram page seems to indicate she's way more chill outside of the house.

Though the season has only just begun, Kortni has already had her first blow-up. It all began when Nilsa suggested she and Aimee switch rooms with Kortni and Candace because Kortni and Candace had the bigger room last year. However, Kortni wasn't having it and prior to move-in day, the ladies agreed to just keep their original rooms. However, Gus and Codi decided it would be fun to mess with them by switching the women's bags and then blaming Nilsa.

Naturally, this pissed Kortni off and even though Nilsa denied moving the bags Kortni still went off on her. Kortni even want so far as to punch her hand into a wall. Thankfully, Gus and Codi eventually fessed up and the drama came to an end. What's incredible is that looking at Kortni's Insta, you'd think she was a totally different person.

She Loves Hanging Out With Her Girls

Whether she's in the house or back home, Kortni clearly loves to have a fun time out with her girls. She's obviously living her best life.

She Likes To Hang Out By The River

Though she spends most of her time on the beach while on Floribama Shore, when she's back home with her friends, Kortni prefers hanging by the river instead of the ocean.

She Spends Time With Her Cast-mates

Although Kortni has gotten into fights with pretty much every single person in the Floribama Shore house, when they're out of the house and on the road to do press, Kortni seems to get along with everyone just fine.

She's An Instagram Promoter

Like many celebs and reality TV stars that have come before her, Kortni uses her Instagram platform to promote products like the 310 Shake.

She Loves Her Doggie

For some reason, Kortni's dog isn't a part of the Floribama Shore cast and that's a travesty. Look how cute he is! Thankfully, Kortni gets to spend as much time with him as she wants at home.

She's a Fan of Arcades & Onesies

Kortni obviously loves to have a good time, but that doesn't mean she only goes out to clubs. Sometimes she just likes to throw on a onesie and go to Dave & Busters with some of her closest friends.

She's Always There For Her Family's Biggest Moments

Kortni is close to her family, which is why she's always there for their big moments. Here she is at her "big little" sister's wedding.

Sometimes She Likes to Hang in the City

Although Kortni hails from the South, sometimes she likes to come up north and spend time in the Big Apple.

She Cares A Lot About Fitness

In the Floribama Shore house, the cast definitely eat and drink a lot, but once she's out of the house Kortni is back on her fitness grind. After the first season, Kortni shared that she'd gained 10 pounds, but quickly got to work to lose the weight.

Though Kortni comes off as a loose canon on the show, there's obviously more to her than what just appears on TV. Make sure to check her out on Insta to learn more about her and keep watching Floribama Shore, which airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.