Now you can eat Kraft-sanctioned mac and cheese for breakfast.
stephanie phillips/E+/Getty Images

Kraft Wants You To Start Your Day With A Bowl Of "Breakfast" Mac & Cheese

If you've ever eaten cold pizza for breakfast, you get it. Sometimes a person just wants to deviate from the morning norm of eggs, cereal, and pancakes. And good news for all of you menu deviators, old and young: Kraft trying to make "breakfast" mac and cheese a thing, so we can all stop pretending and just lean on into who we really are.

Kraft announced this week that the company will soon replace the word "dinner" with "breakfast" on its recognizable blue and orange boxes of macaroni and cheese after conducting a survey of 1,000 parents, which found that 56% had served their kids a bowl of the cheesy pasta for breakfast during quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"As a brand loved by the entire family, we’ve learned Kraft Mac & Cheese isn’t just for dinner," Kelsey Cooperstein of Kraft Heinz said in a press release. "A Kraft Mac & Cheese breakfast is a win-win for families at a time when they need all the wins they can get."

So if you and your family have been looking for an excuse to dive into a box of mac and cheese for breakfast, look no further. Kraft has sanctioned your decision, officially and everything.


In an effort to promote the rebranded Kraft Mac & Cheese for breakfast, the company is giving away limited edition "breakfast boxes" until Friday, Aug. 7. The boxes from the sweepstakes come with box a mac and cheese with the new breakfast label, a coloring placemat, a magnet with topping suggestions, and a special mug for serving.

Anyone who wants to win a box just needs to use the hashtag #KMCBreakfast and #Sweepstakes on Twitter or register at this website. Even better, for every use of those hashtags, Kraft said it will donate 10 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese to the nonprofit Feed The Children up to 1 million boxes.

We are living in an upside down world these days. Lean in. Accept change. Eat a bowl of mac and cheese for breakfast. Heck, you could even throw in a box of Cheetos' new Flamin’ Hot mac and cheese to really spice things up.