Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme's "Monster" Donuts Are Filled With Cake Batter & Slime

Seriously, as if you needed another excuse to love Krispy Kreme, the doughnut brand has baked up a batch of chillingly delicious doughnuts in time for Halloween. Affectionately called The Monster Batch, Krispy Kreme is unveiling these tempting treats starting October 7.

There are three dazzling doughnuts in this monstrously motley crew. The first is Slimon, the Slime Monster Doughnut. But don’t let the name spook you. Although he has a tendency to leave a green gooey slime wherever he goes (i.e. all over your kid’s face), Slimon is actually an Original Glazed doughnut. And the slime? Well, it’s lemon-flavored, dipped in a ghastly green icing. But be careful — he just might put you in a doughnut daze with his one eyeball.

Next up is Mumford, the Mummy Monster Doughnut. Like Slimon, he’s an Original Glazed Doughnut who just happens to be wrapped in purple icing, like any proper mummy should be. Just be careful when you bite into him because those sharp pointy teeth just might bite you back! His purple eye perfectly accentuates his stripy side.

Rounding out the tantalizing trio is Hypno-Henry, the Cake Batter Monster (and my personal prediction to be the fave from this creepy collection). Hypno-Henry is a doughnut filled with cake batter (yes, cake batter), then dipped in yellow icing and orange sanding sugar. It’s hard to tell if he’s smiling (or snarling), but no matter. He’s still a delish little devil, with an orange eyeball with a surrounding swirl.

Krispy Kreme

The cycloptic crew is bound to be a big hit for Halloween. And if you want your witch to be the breakout star at lunchtime, then slip a scary doughnut into her lunchbox. It’s guaranteed to have all the ghouls and goblins clamoring to be her ghoulfriends. Or if you’re hosting a Halloween party, displaying these doughnuts will definitely make you one cool mummy.

But kids don’t have to be the only ones to get in on the frighteningly good fun. Bring a box with you for your next meeting at work, or even a get-together with your child’s teacher. Or just buy a few extras and store them where your kids can’t find them. We won’t tell.

I think when it comes to Halloween-oriented food, it always seems to be that the grosser it is, the better (think hot dog “mummies” and spaghetti “brains”). And while you probably wouldn’t let your kid eat “slime” in real life, there’s something about eating it in doughnut form that makes it adorably decadent, and not, you know, dangerous.

And if you needed another reason to hit up your local Krispy Kreme, here’s one more. The company is offering a free doughnut when you visit a participating store on Halloween wearing a costume. It might be the best treat you get on Halloween, and that's no trick.

So whether you’re a Chocolate Iced Glazed With Sprinkles, Dulce De Leche, or a Traditional Cake kind of gal, the little monsters in your life will love Krispy Kreme's The Monster Batch, a trio of terrifyingly tasty treats that are so good it might be scary.