Krispy Kreme's Pie-inspired holiday doughnuts for Thanksgiving are filled with all your favorite fil...
Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's Pie-Flavored Donuts Will Make You Rethink Thanksgiving Dessert

If you thought that the star of your Thanksgiving table was the golden turkey, think again. When it comes to one of the most momentous meals of the year, it’s the decadent dessert that can steal the show. But if your pastry skills are paltry at best, you can turn to an unlikely source to outfit your treat table. Krispy Kreme's “Easy As Pie” Thanksgiving Doughnut Collection is based off of the season’s most popular pie flavors and will likely be big hits.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Doughnuts for dessert… on Thanksgiving? Well, the Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts are meant to duplicate the sweets you’d normally serve after turkey time is over. That’s why the company is theming its confections to complement the rest of your meal.

So let’s get straight to the sweet stuff. Ditch the work and serve up the Dutch Apple Pie doughnut. It’s filled to the brim with apple pie filling and has caramel icing to boot. If all that decadence weren’t enough, it’s topped with streusel and has hand-piped icing lattice work.

Craving something creamier? The Chocolate Kreme Pie has your name on it. It’s filled with chocolate "kreme", dipped in chocolate icing, has a dash of "kreme" topping, and a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips. You could serve this instead of a that chocolate cream pie that takes hours to whip up.

And finally, there’s the Cherry Pie doughnut, because you need a fruit-flavored option. It’s topped with cherry pie filling and also has an intricate lattice design made with icing. And if the crust is actually your favorite part, the doughnut is topped with piecrust crumbles for a deliciously sweet crunch.

Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

For many of us, baking a pie is an elusive culinary effort. It’s a challenge to get the crust correct, or even make the latticework look less, well, sloppy. So these darling doughnuts from Krispy Kreme can make your holiday meal prep a whole lot simpler and streamlined. Plus, it means that your oven won’t be on for hours on end while you try to roast a turkey, heat up sides, and bake a pie, too.

You might be thinking about how you’re going to serve up these delightful little doughnuts. Obvs, break them out of the Krispy Kreme box before guests arrive and serve them on an autumnal platter. But realistically, no one is really going to care about the presentation since they’re probably not going to last long once your guests get wind that there are KK donuts for dessert.

As if these pie-inspired doughnuts weren’t enough for you to adopt an attitude of gratitude, on Saturday, November 23, Krispy Kreme is running a special promo of two dozen doughnuts for just $13. Using a barcode available at Krispy Kreme’s website, you can choose from either two boxes of Original Glazed doughnuts or one box of Original Glazed plus an assorted dozen. It’s limited to two orders per customer so bring friends if you need more than 4 boxes of donuts.

The Krispy Kreme “Easy as Pie” Doughnut Collection is available now through Thanksgiving Day at participating Krispy Kreme stores in the U.S. Desserts that require zero prep and are delicious, too? Now that’s a reason to be grateful.