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Every Mom Can Relate To Kristen Bell Crying Non-Stop At Her Daughter's Holiday Show

If you're one of those parents who chokes up during your kids' special events, there's a good chance you'll appreciate these photos of Kristen Bell crying at her daughter's holiday show. As it turns out, Bell is no match for cute kids singing songs from Dear Evan Hansen.

Bell has this awesome habit of documenting her daughters' school events. The last time Bell did this was in August, when she attended 5-year-old Lincoln's preschool graduation.

"Don't worry guys, I'm having a GREAT time at preschool graduation," Bell captioned a teary-eyed photo of herself, which she shared to Instagram Stories, according to E! News. "I'm not a mess or anything."

But after a performance of "I've Got Peace Like a River" (this one tugs on the heartstrings, doesn't it?), she completely fell apart.

"OK I was lying before, please send help," she admitted, according to People.

Cut to Thursday, Dec. 20, and Bell is struggling to keep it together as she watches Lincoln's holiday show. In true Bell fashion, she took to Instagram Stories to document her emotional state, writing: "Watching the elementary school holiday show and LOVING these kids."

Is it just me, or is Bell one of the most adorable mamas around? She truly encapsulates what it's like to be a proud and emotional parent.

In an especially funny twist, Bell admitted that she was crying during the performances of Lincoln's classmates.

"But it’s important to note that my kid isn’t even performing. (Obi I turned the camera on her when she was.) And I’m still a mess," Bell wrote on her Instagram Stories."But they were signing @dearevanhansen which meant I didn’t stand a chance."

It doesn't get more emotional than kids singing songs about a teenager who struggles to make friends, right? I'll admit I teared up while reading the Dear Evan Hansen plot synopsis, so I definitely empathize with Bell here.

Fingers crossed Bell's husband, Dax Shepard, was there to wipe away those tears. Or maybe he was crying too? Considering this family loves hard, I wouldn't be surprised if the parents spent the evening bawling their eyes out.

Luckily for Bell and her fam, the rest of their holiday season has been full of happy times. Shepard and Bell took a trip to the Los Angeles County Arboretum on Monday to see a holiday light show, a scene that inspired some romantic feelings between the two.

"Warning: the @laarboretummoonlight forest light show is VURY romantic 💋💋💋," Bell captioned a shot of the pair smooching. Aww.

As for the family's holiday plans? Shepard revealed to Elite Daily on Friday, Dec. 14:

Every other year, we go to Oregon to be at my mom’s house. Every year we road trip — we don’t fly. And we stop at different places along the route as part of our tradition.

Even though I imagine it's a bit intense to road trip with little kids, this tradition sounds pretty cute.

On that note, happy holidays to proud mama Bell and her precious family. It's clear she has a lot of love (and tears) to give this season.

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