Kristen Bell Tackles The Most Pressing Questions We All Have About Our Lady Parts

"Hi, my name is Kristen Bell. And I have a vagina." If this isn't the best way to open up an instructional video about our lady parts, I'm truly not sure what would be. In a recent episode of Momsplaining, Kristen Bell debunked several vagina myths with Ellen producer Andy Lassner. Not only did I find it extremely educational on at least three occasions, I also feel very empowered to just use the word vagina all the time. Vagina.

As Bell explains in the introduction of the video, after she removes her feet from the dreaded stirrups to primly cross her legs, "the vagina is a powerful machine. It's also quite mysterious." So she has made the courageous decision to go "deep into the vagina" with her research. She opens up by speaking to obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Sherry Ross, who was on hand to answer all of Bell's most pressing vagina-related questions. Not just Bell, however; she also brought along first time mom Victoria, who is expecting her baby in two weeks. And also let's not forget Andy Lassner, who was previously a guest on Momsplaining to experience labor pains. If you didn't see that episode do yourself a favor and go back for it. He's a giant baby about the pain and it will make you feel stronger as a woman for having experienced it.

Now on to vaginas.

The Good Place star opened up the conversation by asking Dr. Ross a series of vagina-related questions that are common myths. Well, she eventually got there after she finally got Lassner to say the word "clitoris" without collapsing in a heap of nervous giggles. To be fair to him, he did admit he has the "maturity of an 8-year-old," although I know plenty of grown adults who can't handle that word either.

Bell went on to debunk myths like whether or not you can get pregnant while menstruating (you can, as Medical News Today has reported), and whether or not diet can affect your vagina. It can, by the way. Dr. Ross noted that certain fruits like pineapple, lemon, kiwi, blueberries make your vagina "smell and taste better," while onions and brussel sprouts are not as vagina-friendly. Also, Bell was surprised to find out that, while the vagina is technically self-cleaning, it also benefits from being moisturized like your face. Who knew?

The Veronica Mars star, who is mom to two daughters with husband Dax Shepard, took her new knowledge to the streets with Lassner to see how much vagina trivia people knew. Spoiler alert: I don't think anyone knew about the moisturizing thing. Just look at this woman's face when she found out.

As hilarious as this video was, it's also a pretty powerful reminder that we need to know more about vaginas. It's sort of weird how little the average person knows about them when so many of us have them.

Here's hoping Kristen Bell will impart her knowledge to her own little girls as they grow. So the next generation doesn't have to be so freaked out over the word vagina.