Kristen Bell's daughter Delta proudly announced she found the vaccine for the coronavirus.
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Kristen Bell's Daughter Is An Aspiring Scientist With Her Coronavirus "Vaccine"

No one can accuse Kristen Bell's family of not doing their part during the coronavirus outbreak, especially her 5-year-old daughter Delta. Kristen Bell's daughter "made a vaccine" for COVID-19, but don't get too excited just yet. Her mother pointed out that more work needs to be done, but at least her heart is in the right place.

Like pretty much every other parent across the country right now, The Good Place actress is self-isolating with her kids at home. Schools are closed for at least the next few weeks and very few people are working, but it seems as though Bell is taking her homeschooling pretty seriously with Delta and her 7-year-old sister Lincoln. After all, she did feature a photo of Delta holding up what appears to be a vaccine for the coronavirus, the global pandemic that has seen more than 445,000 confirmed cases around the globe, according to Worldometer. Pretty impressive considering no country has managed to come up with a vaccine yet despite scientists working on it around the clock in an effort to start trials and fine a cure, according to The Guardian. I guess they need to take a page out of Delta's book, because her mother noted in a Tuesday Instagram post that her daughter has "done it."

Hope at last.

As Bell explained in the caption, where her daughter's face is covered to protect her privacy, people shouldn't breathe a sigh of relief just yet; "Well folks, shes done it. Dont get me wrong, she has more trials to do to assure its efficacy- but my 5 yr old just came into my bedroom with a vial full of colored water and told me 'i just made the vaccine for coronavirus!'"

Bell's fans were quick to praise the little girl's ingenuity, writing messages like "Future doctor in the making!" and "A budding scientist! Amazing!!"

Delta isn't the only member of the Bell/Shepard family doing more than her fair share to make the world a better place during the pandemic. TMZ reported that Bell and Shepard recently told tenants in some Los Angeles-based buildings they own that they would not need to pay rent for the month of April, which was presumably good news as so many people are out of work right now. And when Bell donated $150,000 to the No Kid Hungry foundation, her daughters emptied out their own piggy banks to help her out. They added almost $8 to the fund, as per Marie Claire.

Kristen Bell's daughter and her attempt to find a vaccine might not actually cure the coronavirus, but boy does it feel better to know the next generation is that full of kindness and ambition.