Kristen Bell's daughters are learning to prank their mom as a bonding experience.
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Kristen Bell's Daughters Are Bonding Over Pranks & You Love To See It

Sure, as a sibling you have to share your toys and the attention of your parents. But you also have a partner in crime; someone to plot with. And since Kristen Bell's kids love pranking her, she's learning about this rite of of passages for siblings the hard way. That whole us against them thing? Yeah, that's real, friends.

The Frozen 2 actress is mom to two daughters, 6-year-old Lincoln and 4-year-old Delta, who she shares with husband Dax Shepard. While she's generally hesitant to share photos of her daughters on social media, she's pretty open about sharing some good old relatable anecdotes with her many, many followers. And her latest is a great one.

As she said in a recent interview on Ellen, her daughters have discovered a new, "fun" hobby. And by "hobby," she means playing pranks on their parents. She told guest host Ken Jeong that she and husband Shepard have had to stay on high alert because of their daughters' new hobby, which she finds "exhausting" sometimes. That being said, "I’m also like, ‘Oh you’re developing a sense of comedy, I love it.'”

Bell shared one particular prank that her daughters played on their parents with Jeong, explaining that her mom senses started tingling long before the shenanigans unfolded simply because of the calm she sensed in the house. "I was making dinner, they were being nice to each other, I knew something was wrong," she said.

The girls went on to ask their mom if they could cuddle up in their parents' bed before going to sleep, which sounds cute and sweet, right? Except it seems it was all part of their secret plan.

I'm so suspicious. We walk into my room, I pull back my sheets. They had dumped easily a gallon of water on to my mattress. It was saturated. Then tucked into their sheets they put pumpkins and a bunch of dirty underwear.

They thought it was hilarious, of course. Until their mom told them they would be doing the clean up. But honestly, if memory serves me right about my own sibling pranks as a kid, it probably felt totally worth it.

The Good Place actress seems to take her kids' attempts at bonding and humor in stride. In fact, she has celebrated their budding personalities in the past on social media, even at her own cost. When Bell turned 39 this July, she asked her daughters how old they thought she was. This turned out to be a wonderful, hilarious mistake.

As she shared in an Instagram video, her daughters guessed she was either in her sixties or eighties... they couldn't be quite sure. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt here and assume this was another prank.

This is the beauty of having a sibling. Sure, parents are great and all, and as a child you often want their undivided attention, but there are moments when a partner in crime comes in handy. Someone who will be on your side. Someone who will help you dump a gallon of water on your mom and dad's mattress.