Paul Hebert/ABC

Kristina Addressed Dean's Behavior On 'Paradise'

I've made a 180 on how I feel about Dean lately. On The Bachelorette (save his appearance on After the Final Rose), he made a great impression and Rachel almost fell for him. On Bachelor in Paradise, though? He's become a huge disappointment because of his love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L., and Kristina's had it. Last week, Dean cuddled up to her only to make-out with Danielle soon after. She was so hurt, she finally let him know her thoughts. Kristina addressed Dean's behavior on Bachelor in Paradise and it was just what Bachelor Nation was waiting for.

For viewers who have tuned out Dean's appalling behavior, here's what happened to prompt Kristina's reaction: when Paradise began filming, Dean and Kristina were a quick couple. They bonded over their difficult upbringings, and they even spent time together while the show had a break in production. When filming picked up again, they still had a lot of chemistry. Then, Danielle L. showed up in Mexico and Dean's immaturity truly started to shine. He developed feelings (and/or lust) for Danielle, and Danielle was feeling him too (so much so that they went on a date together). Since, Dean has been flip-flopping between the two of them.

The situation came to a head for Kristina last week, when she saw Dean and Danielle in the pool together; she even compared her hurt feelings to being in the orphanage in Russia. She cursed Dean out to Robby, and on Monday night she confronted him herself. She called out that he refuses to choose between the two, and that he's "just not getting" the feelings she has for him. Dean, to his credit, did say that Kristina deserves better than him (true), but actions speak louder than words, Dean!

Danielle hasn't confronted Dean yet on the show, but she certainly has in the outside world. In an interview with ET, Danielle said watching Bachelor in Paradise was "cringeworthy" and questioned whether Dean is mature enough to be a Bachelor contender. So it looks like both Kristina and Danielle have had enough of Dean's sh*t and they're speaking out — both on and off the show. There's still a few weeks of Paradise left, so Bachelor Nation won't know if Dean ends up alone; if Kristina and Danielle's attitudes are any indication, though, it's pretty likely.