Get Excited Because Kylie Jenner Just Hinted "Stormi Merch" Is On The Way

I mean, how did I miss the signs on this one? First there was Kylie Cosmetics, starting with lip kits and followed by blushers, bronzers, and brow kits, to name a few products. Then there was Kylie Skin, adding another brick in the entrepreneur's sizable empire. As for the mom's latest venture? Kylie Jenner teased "Stormi merch" is on the way, and no, this isn't a false alarm.

As PEOPLE magazine reported, Kylie's 17-month-old little sweetheart, Stormi Webster, could be the next Kardashian to become an entrepreneur at a young age. Case in point: Jenner's Instagram Story Wednesday featured an image of a tie-dye kid's sweatshirt, with the caption, "Who's ready for Stormi merch?" Guys, is this happening for real? I need more info, stat.

The cute little hoodie (at least that's what it appears to be) features a logo fans might recognize from Stormi's first birthday bash: “Stormi's World." Of course, as PEOPLE noted, that was a previous play on dad Travis Scott's album, "Astroworld."

I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling Stormi World is the name of Jenner's new clothing and/or accessory line. And it's a great one at that, with the decal featuring references to storm clouds, lighting, rain and sun. Adorbs.

Of course, I don't assume the Kardashians choose their children's names after things that will lend themselves to catchy t-shirts graphics, but you've got to wonder. Stormi's name is a great kick-off for a whole line of kid's gear, right?

Another clue Stormi will soon be whipping up a fashion line of her own? Scott released custom “Stormi World” beanies and tie-dye sweatshirts at the time of Stormi's first birthday in February, as Yahoo! News reported. Not to mention, Jenner has a habit of sharing the sweetest pics of herself and Stormi in coordinating outfits, so baby fashion has clearly been on the mom's brain.

If Jenner is releasing a Stormi-inspired fashion line, I have no doubts it will be successful. Jenner was recently named the world's youngest self-made billionaire ever, while Scott's a Billboard Music Award winner who has garnered multiple Grammy nominations. Meanwhile, Stormi already knows her ABC's and is learning new words, according to Jenner's recent Instagram post.

So, how did fans react to this news? I think it's safe to say people are really excited about the upcoming Stormi duds.

"Stormi merch omg," someone tweeted.

Another person commented: "I don’t know if anyone is as excited at me for @KylieJenner to release STORMI MERCH!! I SHAT MYSELF."

"I don’t care for the Kardashian’s but! I will buy stormi Merch if she dropping it lol I love stormi," one commenter penned.

One person gushed: "Kylie jenner is going to start selling stormi merch & i have no choice but to buy."

It's unclear when Jenner plans to drop her Stormi merch, but fingers crossed it's soon. Stormi is an adorable baby, after all, and it's obvious fans want their kiddos to adopt her killer fashion sense.