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Kylie Jenner Gets Candid About Embracing Her Sexuality After Becoming A Mom

At 22 years old, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is a well-known reality TV star, the head of her own cosmetics empire, a self-made billionaire, and, of course, a mom to 19-month old Stormi Webster. And while motherhood has certainly added a new layer to the young mogul's life, she's set the record straight that having a baby hasn't meant the end of her sexiness. In fact, Kylie Jenner discussed embracing her sexuality post-baby in an intimate interview conducted by her partner Travis Scott for Playboy.

Jenner, or rather her body, graced the cover of Playboy's Pleasure Issue, which hit the internet (and presumably newsstands) Friday. Jenner collaborated on her Playboy appearance with Scott, who also interviewed her for the issue's cover story. And although much of the duo's interview was decidedly vanilla by Playboy's standards, Scott did get Jenner to open up about how she's embraced her sexuality since having a child. Jenner gave birth to Stormi back in February 2017.

"The way you embrace your sexuality hasn't changed with motherhood," Scott tells Jenner during their Q&A session. "Do you feel like I empower you to own your identity and sexuality as a mom?"

"You remind me that motherhood and sexuality can coexist and just because you embrace your sexuality doesn't mean you have loose morals or you're not a good mother," Jenner responds. "You can be sexy and still be a badass mom."

Jenner also revealed that motherhood hasn't hindered her sex life with Scott. "I feel like we’ve definitely proven that rumor to be wrong," she said when Scott asked if she agreed that they hadn't experienced people's claim that "having a baby can hurt your sex life."

While speaking with Scott for Playboy, Jenner also noted that she "love[d] family time" and considered it an important part of her self-care routine. But just what does family time for the reality TV star and her rapper partner look like? According to Jenner, it's pretty basic, like most families with toddlers. "When we have our days off, we play with Stormi all day, and the three of us have a lot of fun together," Jenner told Playboy. "We do a lot of swimming; Stormi loves swimming, so we're always in the pool or playing in her room or taking her out to lunch with us."

But as it goes with toddlers, Jenner also deals with the chaotic side of #MomLife from time to time. During an appearance on The Ellen Show, for instance, Jenner revealed that Stormi is "really into M&Ms" and makes a big ol' mess with them. "She gets the M&Ms and she melts them in her hands," Jenner said, according to Us Weekly. "And you put them all over my white couch, huh?”

Earlier this year, Jenner told Interview Germany that she credited Stormi and motherhood with having changed her life. "She really comes before me so that is a lot to take in at a young age but I feel like I was definitely made for this and she has changed my life for the better," Jenner said of Stormi in the interview. "The way that I look at things is a lot more positive and I really feel like my life didn't start until I had her."

Jenner also told Interview Germany that she hopes to one day have more children, but doesn't have any immediate plans to do so. Jenner clearly loves her life, especially now that Stormi is part of it, so there may be news of more tiny moguls among us soon enough.