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Moms Will Totally Relate To Why Kylie Jenner Says She Is "Not Okay"

Before you have a baby, everything looks different. Even when you're pregnant, you sometimes might look ahead to your baby's arrival and think you're not going to become one of *those* parents. You know the type. Clingy, protective, terrified to be away from their kids for five minutes. But then your own baby arrives and... well, things are different. Just ask Kylie Jenner about it. Jenner says that she's "not okay" on social media after being away from her daughter, and I have a feeling loads of parents will totally get it.

As everyone on the planet undoubtedly remembers, Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi Webster last Feb. 1 after keeping her adoring public very much in the dark throughout her entire pregnancy. She and partner, rapper Travis Scott, refused to confirm or deny her pregnancy until the couple released a mini-documentary called "To Our Daughter" on Instagram and YouTube just days after Stormi was born. It was a real departure for the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, who has spent the vast majority of her 21 years in the public eye, and it clearly signaled a change in the way she was going to live her life; that she was going to make her daughter her top priority... and while her business continues to thrive, Jenner has been true to her enthusiasm for parenthood.

Jenner recently took off to celebrate her best friend Jordyn Wood's little sister Jodie Wood's birthday in Mammoth, California. The girls went away for the day to enjoy a little ski mini-break together... but it seems the new mom's mind was back in Calabasas, California, where she left her little girl Stormi behind for the day — as is totally normal for any mom, before anyone jumps on the judgment bandwagon. Jenner took to her Instagram Stories to share a picture of herself cuddling her daughter and wrote "only 24 hours away from my baby but not okay."

Of course, it's totally normal to feel some anxiety when you leave your baby behind (although it's also normal to feel perfectly fine and relaxed taking a day off parenting). Luckily for Jenner, she has plenty of sisters who are also moms who will definitely understand how she feels saying goodbye to her little one for the day. When Jenner's older sister Khloé Kardashian went back to work when her daughter True was just three months old, she admitted on Snapchat that she was feeling anxious about the experience, as per Elle UK. So perhaps the two moms can commiserate and offer each other support.

In just a few weeks, Stormi Webster will celebrate her first birthday. It's a huge milestone for both mom and baby, and Jenner is obviously already working on the big celebration ahead.

Watching her little girl grow so quickly (at least it feels quick to me), I can't blame Kylie Jenner for wanting to be with Stormi every single moment she possibly can. Because before you know it, Stormi isn't going to be a baby any longer.

And that'll be even tougher for Jenner to take.

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