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Kylie Jenner's Video Of A Chat With Stormi Is Beyond Cute

Kylie Jenner could well be one of the most written-about women in the world — Google her to see the zillion links that pop up. But in spite of the money and makeup deals and magazine covers, her time with baby Stormi makes her most relatable. And Kylie Jenner's video of a conversation with Stormi will slay you with its sweetness.

As E! Online reported, Jenner posted an adorable video of herself and Stormi, in what looks a kid's bounce house, spending some special mommy-and-daughter time together.

As Kylie rested in a black one-piece in the sun, Stormi, wearing an animal-print bathing suit with a blue-and-white swimming diaper underneath, snuggled up cozily on top of mama.

"Girl?" Jenner asked Stormi, 13 months, playfully. "Yeah?" Stormi answered, in the cutest little voice imaginable.

"You've got to do things without me," Jenner responded, presumably in reference to the fact that Stormi didn't seem to want to move from lying on top of Jenner. "Yeah," Stormi answered again, in that teeny voice, still not moving.

Oh. My. God. There's cute and then there's this.

Stormi is, of course, going to be fabulous just by virtue of being a KarJenner.

But she's also a particularly cute and lively baby, and has been as long as I've been tracking Jenner's Instagram, which regularly documents Stormi's developments. (Stormi's love of handbags, Stormi's first trip to the park, Stormi's over-the-top 1st birthday party.)

The same day as the adorable video, Jenner had posted that "my baby is stuck to me like glue lately," so it's pretty clear that this is really a stage the little one, Jenner's baby with rapper Travis Scott (as perThe Daily Mail), is going through.

As for Jenner, who not long ago revealed that Stormi's original name was potentially going to be Rose, before a change of heart, things seem to be going great, as long as you ignore the gossip.

And while the tabloids try every day to draw you into more Kardashian drama that includes stories about Jenner dealing with betrayal by her best friend, or tales of trouble in paradise between Scott and Jenner, I just don't want to focus on all that negativity, not with this famous family or any other.

I like reading about and talking about the fun things this clan does, all the while letting them sort out any issues they may have (because all families do from time to time) privately.

Jenner, officially named the world's youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes for her Kylie Cosmetics brand, just doesn't seem so helpless as far as her life, her career or her relationship... at least from what you can see on her social media.

So I guess I'm not buying that there are huge problems at Jenner's place. It all seems fine. In the meantime, I hope someone (Auntie Kim?) has mentioned to the star that Stormi's clingy thing is par for the course at this age.

BabyCenter noted that separation anxiety can be a real thing for a 13-month-old, and come to think of it, I've been there, blocked that out.

BabyCenter noted that the stage typically passes by 18 months, so Jenner may look forward to Stormi chilling maybe a foot from mom's side a couple months down the road.

In the meantime, Jenner and Stormi are some serious cuteness together. Let's just focus on that. Here's hoping Jenner shares more of those sweet conversations in the future.