Lansinoh Now Has An Organic Nipple Balm & It Sounds *So* Soothing

Any mom who has tried breastfeeding her baby has probably, at some point, tried an ointment, cream, or balm for her nipples. Lanolin-based nipple balms are some of the most popular, but the new Lansinoh organic nipple balm gives moms a new option for breast care. And it launches on Amazon on in mid-September.

Breastfeeding can cause nipples to feel sore, crack, or even bleed. Becky Flora, IBCLC, told Mother and Child Health that what works for each woman is different, which is why there need to options on the market. “Some mothers never require anything to apply to their nipples. Others, on occasion, may find a certain cream soothing. And in some cases, the right type of cream or ointment may actually prevent drying and cracking of the nipple and help speed healing,” she said.

Lansinoh makes one of the most popular lanolin-based nipple balms for breastfeeding moms today. In the aforementioned piece, Flora noted that 100 percent lanolin-based ointments are considered safe for use on the nipples and ingestion by the baby, and don’t have to be removed before feedings. But because the balm a mom chooses ends up in her baby’s mouth, many mothers are looking for the cleanest possible option. That’s where organic creams come in.

Lansinoh’s new organic nipple balm is slated to launch on Amazon on Sept. 15, and promises to help soothe and heal nipples just like their classic lanolin-based formula. This balm is certified 100 percent organic by the USDA; it’s made using Argan oil, coconut oil, and other plant-based ingredients. The balm has no fragrance or taste that might make baby reluctant to latch. It’s also free of additives or preservatives, and, of course, it moisturizes and softens skin to soothe dry or irritated nipples.

Breastfeeding moms trying to find a solution to soothe their sore nipples should try a few products until they find one that works for them. La Leche League International suggested gently patting on ointments and using ones that don’t have to be removed before feeding, which helps maintain skin’s moisture. They also recommend switching up your nursing position so your baby’s mouth isn’t always in the exact same position on the nipple, expressing a small amount of milk onto the nipple to help heal it, and avoiding tight bras or clothing that can further irritate the skin.

In the above article, Flora added that prescription ointments may be necessary for some women whose nipples don’t respond to over-the-counter balms, creams, and ointments. If your nipples stay sore or cracked after trying everything at the pharmacy, be sure to talk to your doctor to find relief and prevent infection.

And, of course, many women who use nipple balms to moisturize before and after breastfeeding also find it’s great for other things, too. Lansinoh’s new product could also make a great lip balm, cuticle moisturizer, or heel salve. Who doesn’t love a multipurpose product? Once it's available on Amazon, be sure to grab a jar to keep in your diaper bag, in the baby's nursery, your bathroom — anywhere it can be easily accessed after a breastfeeding session. You'll thank yourself later.