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You Don't Have To Be An Amazon To Pull Off These Last-Minute Wonder Woman Halloween Costumes

If you're anything like me, you don't plan ahead for anything, and that includes Halloween. I know so many people who plan their Halloween costumes months in advance, sometimes even a whole year. They start slowly, buying all the materials they need to make their ideas come to life. Me on the other hand, it's only a couple days — sometimes a couple hours — before Halloween when I realize I'm the only one of my friends who wasn't planning on dressing up. This year, I got you covered though with some awesome last minute Wonder Woman Halloween costume ideas.

I always want to have one of the best costumes, but with only a few days before Halloween, there are not many resources left. And the only things left in any party store are all the reject costumes nobody wants. Also, it's way more fun putting together your own costume; you get to show off how good you are at DIY projects.

When coming up with a last-minute costume, you are going to need to think of something easy to create, something that only needs a few basic pieces... Wonder Woman! Yes, seriously. All you need is just a few items laying around your house and some YouTube tutorials (OK, and maybe the help of Amazon Prime) to help you pull this superhero look together.

1. Gal Godot Wonder Woman

Crop Top, $10, Romwe | Shorts, $13, ThredUp | Shield, $24, Amazon

If you're looking for a costume that resembles the latest Wonder Woman instead of the traditional bright costume Wonder Woman used to wear, go for some muted colors. A dark red crop top, dark blue shorts and shield, can help you start to recreate Gal Gadot's look.

The Tiara

The tiara is a very important accessory you will need to make your Wonder Woman come to life. You can buy a DC Comics Wonder Woman tiara ($9, Aliexpress) or if you are feeling adventurous, you can make one yourself using this tutorial from DYI at Home. All you need is some cardboard, a glue gun, and a colored pencil.

The Shield

If you are going for the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, you are going to need a badass shield. Lost Wax is a super fun YoutTube channel, and Chris will teach you tricks using foam.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Hair & Makeup

The last thing you will need to master Gal Gadot's look is her fishtail braid and subtle makeup. Jackie Wyers will help you achieve Wonder Woman's look in this tutorial.

2. Traditional Wonder Woman

Briefs, $39, Etsy | Boots, $44, Shein | Crop Top, $13, Zaful | Shield, $14, Amazon | Wonder Woman Tiara and Cuffs Set, $2, Amazon

If you want to go with the more traditional version of Wonder Woman, ala Linda Carter, a pair of high wasted briefs and over the knee-boots, really take this look to the next level. Blue shorts or even blue leggings, along with a pair of knee-high red socks would also totally work. Then you just need a basic red top like this red crop top.

The right accessories will help create a cartoonish look. You can buy a classic Wonder Woman Shield and classic Wonder Woman tiara and cuffs set. Or go the DIY route...

DIY Traditional Wonder Woman Accessories

You can pretty much find any of Wonder Woman accessories at any costume store, but if you are a DIY person, it wouldn't be hard to make these items on your own. You will need some cardboard, duck tape, rope, paint and of course the help of The Prop Master's Handbook Youtube channel.

Traditional Wonder Woman Hair & Makeup

To completely transform yourself into Wonder Woman you will need to get your hair and make-up on point. Frida Hassel will transform you into the 1970's Wonder Woman in this fun tutorial.

Super Easy & Simple Wonder Woman


Red Tank Top, $10, Gap | Bright Blue Skirt, $25, Luxury Divas | Gold Belt, $8, Amazon | Head Piece, $60, Etsy | Red Socks, $6, Charlotte Russe

It's not hard to pull off the Wonder Woman look — here is a very simple version. All you need is a red tank top, a bright blue skirt, and a gold belt. Then, add some of the accessories from above, or this Wonder Woman head piece. Maybe just add some knee-high red socks and a kickbutt attitude, and everyone at any party will recognize your look.

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